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Antique Prayer Rug, Timuri Tribes, Dokhtar-e-Qazi Group, Western Afghanistan



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This lovely 'Dokhtar-e-Qazi' prayer rug was made by Timuri tribes in western Afghanistan around 1860-1870. This rug is not unlike the example illustrated in the second edition of my book 'Tribal Rugs' on page 66. This small group of prayer rugs is generally referred to as 'Dokhtar-e-Qazi' meaning 'daughter of the judge' from a legend that dates back 150 years known as Bahluli-e-Dana. This legend states that around the time of Queen Bilkish of Sabzevar, the daughter of a Timuri Qazi (judge) was wooed by a dervish shaman of the Bahluli tribe. Her father disapproved and attempted to chase him off with threats of death, so the shaman performed all sorts of miracles to impress the qazi and was allowed to marry her. These rugs, woven by the judge's daughter are believed to be the only true 'Dokhtar-e-Qazi rugs - 23 in all! I leave the rest to your imagination!
The rug has evenly-low pile all over in what I would term 'very good' condition for its age.
Size: 1.40m x 1.07m (4' 7" x 3' 6").
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