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Old Gabbeh, Luri Tribes, Luristan, Western Persia



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A charming old Gabbeh from the first half 20th century, made by Luri tribes in Luristan, western Persia. I love the happiness of the piece - obviously the young weaver was having fun incorporating dancing nomadic women, butterflies, goats or gazelle and flowers. Butterflies must have played an important role in her life at the time she made this gabbeh as they also feature in the border design. Gabbehs were generally of loose weave, made specifically for everyday use in the tents and for wrapping up children during the long, cold winter nights. Today, 19th century gabbehs are rare due to their short life after which they were simply discarded and new pieces made.
Size: 1.93m x 1.35m (6' 4" x 4' 5").
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Internal Ref: BM857

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