antique sofreh dining flatweave kordi tribes quchan region khorassan northeast persia

Antique Sofreh (Dining Flat-Weave, Kordi Tribes, Quchan Region, Khorassan, North-East Persia



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I love the symbolic movement in this wonderful long sofreh, made by Kurdish tribes in the Quchan region of north-east Persia around 1880. The natural camel-hair field is spontaneously decorated with totemic symbols - not only in the centre but also in the dark-brown border.
Dining sofrehs were used in the tents for placing bowls of food on during mealtimes, along with bread and tea, and the tribes-people would sit around the soffreh cross-legged, eating - just like we use a western table-cloth! Each end of this stunning sofreh is beautifully decorated in brocade-work indicating that it was probably a very precious and highly-prized possession to these nomads.
Size: 3.91m x 0.61m (12' 10" x 2' 0").
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Internal Ref: BM921

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