antique uk bash tentpole bag yomut turkmen tribes transcaspian steppes turkmenistan central asia

Antique Uk Bash (tent-pole bag), Yomut Turkmen Tribes, Trans-Caspian Steppes, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.



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Uk Bash were specifically made for containing the pointed ends of the tent-poles during long migrations. The poles were tied horizontally to the sides of the camels with the pointed ends facing backwards; the uk bash placed over the pointed ends and the tassels swinging to warn animals coming behind not to get too close.
Uk Bash were made in pairs in knotted-pile and flat-weave - this example, only one of a pair, made in knotted-pile.
Size: 28cm x 1.22m (11" x 4' 0") including tassels.
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