antique turkmen asyk teke tribes merv or akhal oasis turkmenistan

Antique Turkmen Asyk, Teke Tribes, Merv or Akhal Oasis, Turkmenistan.



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This magnificent Asyk measuring 28cm deep x 16cm at its widest point, was made by a Teke artisan during the last quarter of the 19th century using part-gilding on silver and carnelians in cabouchon-cut with one central carnelian in table-cut. The name implies how this ornament is attached to the plaits ('asyk' to hang up). The word 'asyk' also implies the transition from one age-group to the next i.e. the girl's attainment of married status, which is also connected with an expectation - the expectation regeneration and increase of the clan and tribe through the birth of children. The asyk is presented to the bride by the parents of the groom. The removal of the asyk after the birth of the first male child expresses the fulfilment of this expectation. Life emerges from darkness into the light of the sun and the motifs in the asyk confirm this interpretation.
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