antique ru korssi timuri sangtschuli tribe western afghanistan

Antique Ru Korssi, Timuri - Sangtschuli Tribe, Western Afghanistan.



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The Ru Korssi was a decorative cover for the brazier - a low open wooden frame under which was placed a bowl of burning charcoal. The frame was covered with blankets and the ru korssi placed over the top. The inhabitants of the tent would then sit around this frame, warming themselves by placing their legs and hands under the warm cover. The word 'ru' literally means surface or a face, anything that is turned outwards and 'korssi' signifies a table or frame.
This beautiful cover, made by the Timuri - Sangtschuli tribe in the 19th century, is entirely in flatwoven - a plain-weave aubergine field and a main border intricately woven in reverse soumak technique.
To be published in my forthcoming, revised, 3rd edition 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent'.
Size: 1.30m (4' 3") square.
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