antique afshar tribal rug sirjan kerman province southern persia

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Sirjan, Kerman Province, Southern Persia.



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Made by Afshar nomads in the Sirjan region of Kerman Province circa 1870-1880, the fabulous natural colours, high-quality glossy wool and fine weave indicate a weaver at the height of her profession. The small size might even indicate that the rug was a 'masnad' - a special small square rug made for the Shah or Afshari khan to sit on during visitations. I particularly like the abrash of natural indigo-blue at the base of the rug where the weaver obviously ran out of the beautiful glowing sky-blue and her next batch of wool was a darker indigo - all part of the charm of nomadic weaving using vegetable colours.
Size: 1.40m x 1.09m (4' 7" x 3' 7").
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