antique dining sofreh timuri yaqoub khani tribe west afghanistan

Antique Dining Sofreh, Timuri - Yaqoub Khani Tribe, West Afghanistan.



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The dining sofreh was equivalent to our table-cloth in the West. It was spread out on the floor of the tent at mealtimes, bowls of food and bread placed on it, and the tribes-people would sit around, socialise and eat. This magnificent sofreh was probably made for a special person such as a tribal chief or khan as it is amazingly fine in weave technique. The natural camel-hair field shows two 'trees-of-life' rising up from the under-world, through the earthly world and into the realms of the spirit.
Size: 1.73m x 0.89m (5' 8" x 3' 0").
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Internal Ref: BM1219

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