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Antique Prayer-Rug, Timuri Tribes, Western Afghanistan.



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My favourite tribal rugs must be those of the Timuri nomads of western Afghanistan.
I love their juxtaposition of glowing indigo-blues and madder-reds and this rare tiny prayer-rug just sings these fabulous colours. The motif within the mihrab is a stylised tree - a symbol to these people reflecting the 3-level universe - where the roots are in the under-world, the trunk is in the earthly-world and the branches are in the world of the spirit. This tree symbol is usually only found on large main carpets of the Timuri - in compartments of 4-6 in the central field - but uncommon on small rugs.
Timuri rugs like this one, in excellent condition, are very rare today, but this small size is much rarer.
Size: 1.10m x 0.69m (3' 7" x 2' 3").
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