old dining sofreh kamo central persia

Old Dining Sofreh, Kamo, Central Persia.



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I love the simplistic visual attractiveness of the sofrehs from the village area of Kamo in central Iran. This one, not dissimilar to the one on the front cover of my recently printed 3rd edition book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent', depicts mountains and I suspect, rivers flowing through the area, absolutely charming in every way. However, in my years of dealing and handling Kamo sofrehs, I have never seen a 'dining' sofreh - those are the longer, narrow flat-weaves which were used to spread on the floor at mealtimes and bread, bowls of food, tea etc. spread out on the dining sofreh whilst the tribes-people would sit around cross-legged. All the sofrehs I have seen and handled have been 3'-4' square 'bread' sofrehs - used for kneading the dough on. This is therefore a rare and stunning flat-weave in excellent original condition.
Size: 1.38m x 0.58m (4' 6" x 1' 11").
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