antique balisht pillow bagface timuri yaqoubkhani tribe borderlands of east persiawest afghanistan

Antique Balisht (pillow bag-face), Timuri Yaqoub-Khani Tribe, Borderlands of East Persia/West Afghanistan.



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I acquired this very rare and finely knotted Timuri pillow-bag-face (balisht) around 1978 on my return from Iran and apart from it being in my personal collection for many years and then sold to a private collection several years ago for a short period, it has now been returned to me! This beautiful bag-face with its 'tree-of-life' on a camel-hair background represents, to these nomads, the 3-level universe where the roots of the tree are in the underworld, the trunk is in the earthly world and the branches are in the realms of the spirit. Although sadly missing its flat-woven back and some border loss top and bottom, this is probably the finest balisht I've ever come across. Highly collectable and illustrated in my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' it was made by the Yaqoub-Khani tribe around the third quarter 19th century.
Size: 91cm x 43cm (3' 0" x 1' 5")
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