antique bread sofreh afshar tribes kerman province south persia

Antique Bread Sofreh, Afshar Tribes, Kerman Province, South Persia.



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The visual impact from this bread sofreh (flat-weave) is stunning.
Imagine it hanging on a wall and seeing it as woven art every day, what pleasure it would bring. Sadly, I don't have a wall on which to hang it, but if I did, it wouldn't be on my website!!
Bread sofreh were specifically made for kneading the dough and preparing the flat-bread. I remember my trips to Iran to find these sofreh and finding them caked in flour with no design or colour obvious, until of course, they were washed. Then, and only then, could they fully be appreciated, in their simplistic designs and fabulous natural colours, as woven works of nomadic art.
This fabulous sofreh was made during the early 20th century by Afshar nomads in Kerman province, southern Persia, and I see the vertical zig-zags as the symbolic depiction of flowing water, like bread, important ingredients in the sustenance of life in harsh climates.
Size: 1.28m x 1.28m (4' 2" x 4' 2").
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