antique double 'tasheh' wheat sacks luribakhtiari tribes western persia

Antique Double 'Tasheh' (Wheat Sacks), Luri-Bakhtiari Tribes, Western Persia.



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It is rare to find a double 'tasheh' (wheat-sack) and this is one I acquired in Iran some 30 years ago and it has just come back to me through the people down-sizing. Illustrated in my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' under the chapter on the Bakhtiari, this tasheh was made and dated 1945 - the last period in which these beautiful nomadic pieces were made.
In this case, the double tasheh would have been split down the centre and then each individual piece would have the sides and base brought together, sewn up with goat-hair, leaving an opening at the top in which to pour the wheat. The central bottle-shape was always knotted in woollen pile - each one having its own family identity - and symbolically I believe this to represent the bounty of God. Today, tashehs are best hung on the wall to make fabulous decorative wall-hangings - tribal works of art.
Size: 2.20m x 1.02m (7' 3" x 3' 4").
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