antique 'tasheh' wheat sack luri bakhtiari tribes western persia

Antique 'Tasheh' (Wheat Sack), Luri Bakhtiari Tribes, Western Persia.



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This gorgeous 'tasheh' or wheat sack was made by Luri Bakhtiari nomads during the second quarter of the 20th century and although both sides have been reduced, it will make a most attractive wall-hanging.
Tashehs were totally utilitarian items, used for containing wheat and loaded onto the flanks of pack-animals during long migrations. Woven on ground looms as you see it, the sides and base were brought together and sewn up using goat-hair.
By the 1940s, plastic and gunny sacks had arrived in the bazaars of Iran and these began to replace the age-old tashehs to the point that they simply died out. Today, old tashehs are rare.
Size: 1.12m x 0.87m (3' 8" x 2' 10").
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