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Antique Torba, Igdyr Turkmen Tribe, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.



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This handsome little torba (small personal belongings bag) comprises three 'trees' in the central ivory field - symbolising eternal life in Paradise and the 3-level universe, where the roots of the tree are in the under-world; the trunk in the earthly world and the branches in the world of the spirit. Made by the Igdyr Turkmen around the middle of the 19th century, torbas from this group are a relatively rare find today. The Igdyrs are listed amongst the Oguz as early as the 11th century and inhabited the Khorezm Oasis with a proportion of the tribe living in the northern Caspian region. This torba is complete with its plain-weave back, woven in undyed sheep's wool.
84cm x 38cm (2' 9" x 1' 3").
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