antique turkmen torba teke tribe akhal oasis turkmenistan central asia

Antique Turkmen Torba, Teke Tribe Akhal Oasis, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.



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Here we see a rare 12 gul Teke torba - once a small storage bag - in complete condition albeit, a little ragged in places. Nevertheless, this fabulous torba comprises 12 guls or tribal crests, rather than the more common 6 gul torbas - even those are relatively rare these days. The wool is soft and lustrous with highlights of cochineal-dye silk in the centre of the guls, and the weave is very fine, indicating it was made by a very competent Teke weaver, probably in the Akhal Oasis circa 1850. A truly wonderful work of woven nomadic art!
Size: 1.22m x 0.40m (4' 0" x 1' 4").
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM/TT

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