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Antique Baluch Prayer-Rug, Sistan Region, South-East Persia.



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The Baluch tribes of Sistan regularly knotted mosque mihrabs into their prayer-rugs during the 19th century as in this one. I've seen quite a few over my many years of dealing but never one as good as this! It is rare for a start, to see Sistani prayer-rugs with elaborate chevron kilim skirts and this might well indicate an earlier type. The mihrab area with its three domes has highlights of silk shining through, and as silk was very expensive to these nomads, I suspect it was commissioned by a tribal chief or important person within the tribe who could afford small areas of silk. Acquired in the 1950s by recent acquaintances of mine, they told me that the rug was seen by the late, famous US Baluch collector, Colonel Boucher, who said it was the best Sistan Baluch he had ever seen. A very good recommendation! It is in excellent complete condition with no repairs whatsoever and in the two vertical panels on either side of the central 'tree' panel, there is the usual dark-brown corrosive dye - possibly oak galls mordanted with an iron solution in order to fix the dye (see close-up photo). This is a serious collector's rug and an important example of this type.
Size: 1.48m x 0.84m (4' 10" x 2' 9").
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