antique saddlebags timuri tribes borderlands of eastern persiawestern afghanistan

Antique Saddle-Bags, Timuri Tribes, Borderlands of Eastern Persia/Western Afghanistan.



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It is extremely rare these days to find a single Timuri 'cockerel' bag never mind a complete pair in excellent condition, made circa 1880 by Timuri nomads in the borderlands of eastern Persia/western Afghanistan. These bags rank amongst the most collectable from the Timuri and Baluch tribes, with collectors worldwide. The cockerel symbolically represents, to these nomads, the harbinger of the day, dispeller of the night and in most of these rare weavings, the cockerels highlighted in ivory represent the males and the dark birds, the females. The wool is soft and lustrous as would be expected from these superb 19th century knotted bags.
Size: 1.50m x 0.69m (4' 11" x 2' 3").
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