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Antique Turkmen Rug, Teke Tribes, Akhal Oasis, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.


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This is an early Teke rug made with cochineal-dye wool, from the mid 19th century and originating from the Akhal Oasis in Turkmenistan.
The overall small 'gul' pattern in the central field is rare in rugs of the Teke nomads and more often found in their chuvals (bedding bags).
Note how the weaver started the border (base of rug) with the small 'gul' symbols but then changed her mind by knotting a different border pattern which then powerfully framed the field. The knotted 'elems' or skirts are beautifully drawn and although the overall condition of the pile is evenly low, it doesn't seem to detract from the rug when it's on the floor.
This a truly rare and fabulous example of early Teke work.
Size: 1.65m x 1.22m (5' 5" x 4' 0").
Viewing by appointment only.
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