antique balisht pillowbag baluch tribes khorassan northeast persia

Antique Balisht (pillow-bag), Baluch Tribes, Khorassan, North-East Persia.


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The 'balisht' or pillow-bag had to be finely knotted using the very best mountain-sheep wool bearing in mind that one's head had to be comfortable when sleeping, or even lounging in the tent. Balishts are often mistaken these days for grain-bags but the difference in quality was enormous! The grain bag, in the main, was very much coarser than the exceptionally finely knotted pillow-bags, as they were intended for hard use. This superb quality balisht, in mint condition, was made by Khorassan Baluch nomads around 1900. Very few balishts remain in complete condition with plain-weave backs these days - most had the backs cut-off by unscrupulous dealers who saw more money in a small rug than in a bag!
Size: 89cm x 39cm (2' 11" x 1' 4").
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