antique mafrash panel shahsevan nomads moghan region azerbaijan

Antique Mafrash Panel, Shahsevan Nomads, Moghan Region, Azerbaijan.



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Here we see one of three fabulous mafrash (bedding-bag) panels recently acquired.
Woven by Shahsevan nomads in the Moghan Plain around 1870-1880, these panels originally comprised a large bedding-bag or cargo-bag, used for transporting bedding during long migrations. Such mafrash were heavily used and thus often came apart, were discarded and new mafrash woven. These panels are particularly attractive and rare as they incorporate the stylised 'peacock' or 'winged griffin' in three horizontal bands - two bands woven in madder-red and a single central band in indigo-blue.
Size: 1.05m x 0.61m (3' 5" x 2' 0").
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM/DR123

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