antique saltbag bakhtiari nomads the chahar mahal region western persia

Antique Salt-Bag, Bakhtiari Nomads, The Chahar Mahal Region, Western Persia.


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This fabulous salt-bag ('namakdan' in Persian) was woven by Bakhtiari nomads in the Chahar Mahal region of western Persia circa 1900.
The bag is intricately woven in soumak technique on the front and in plain-weave on the back but, incorporating an ivory panel of stylised birds - amazing! The base of the bag is in knotted-pile to give resilience during hard use and the weaver has sewn-in at the top of the bag, a piece of circular red-felt containing 7 white buttons around one blue button - symbolically representing protection and good luck.
This bag goes to prove the incredible weaving done by these nomadic women, just for something utilitarian to contain rock-salt! Bags like this were probably dowry pieces and were highly prized among the nomads to the point that they were never intended to sell.
Size: 64cm x 46cm (2' 1" x 1' 6").
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Height = 64 cm (25")
Width = 46 cm (18")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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