antique baluch sofreh khorassan northeast persia

Antique Baluch Sofreh, Khorassan, North-East Persia



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Acquired from an old country house, is this charming, yet archaic, sofreh (dining flatweave) of the Baluch tribes of north-eastern Persia. Made around the last quarter 19th century, the sofreh had been hanging on a wall for over 20 years! In excellent condition bar two small expert re-weaves on the sides, the sofreh contains a wonderful depiction of stylised creatures walking across the natural camel-hair centre. I particularly like the superb brocading at both ends. A genuine nomadic flatweave.
1.58m x 0.76m (5' 2" x 2' 6").
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Internal Ref: BM347

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