Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Kerman Province, Southern ...

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A spectacular Afshar rug with a design of octagonal 'guls' covering an indigo-blue ground. Within each of the guls are '8-pointed stars' - symbols of spirituality and protection.
I have never come across an Afshar rug with this design before! The weaver must have been having an amazing time fitting all these charming little guls into the field of the rug and with such a variety of natural colours!
The Afshar originated in eastern Turkistan and came down into different parts of Persia in the eleventh century with the Ghuz hordes, the majority of the tribe settling in the province of Kerman. Thus in this rug, with its myriad of guls, we see the link with the guls of the Turkmen tribes of Turkmenistan.
The rug is in excellent full-pile all over and dates to circa 1870-1880.
Size: 2.09m x 1.60m (6' 10" x 5' 3").

Antique Afshar Carpet, Afshar Tribes, Kerman Province, ...

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This beautiful nineteenth century Afshar tribal carpet is finely knotted with a highly stylised 'herati' pattern in the indigo-blue central field interspersed with 'double-headed birds heads' lozenges. The outer madder-red ground contains tiny stylised 'botehs' providing a powerful guard. The overall pile is evenly-low with no signs of any sporadic wear and the carpet is complete with plain-weave skirts each end.
This is truly a superb large carpet made by Afshar tribes in Kerman province, south Persia circa 1870 and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.
Size: 2.74m x 1.47m (9' 0" x 4' 10").

Antique Afshar Tribal Carpet, Afshar Nomads, Kerman ...

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This small Afshar carpet was as large as these nomads would make on horizontal ground looms during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The indigo-blue central field contains a myriad of 'botehs' - flame symbols from the nearby Zoroastrians and the proto-type of the designs we know today as the Kashmiri shawl and Paisley patterns. Note the one sky-blue boteh in the lower left corner of the field - probably the weaver's signature.
Madder-red surrounds the central field and outer borders with small plant symbols scattered throughout and if you look very closely, you might spot an animal or three!
In excellent pile all over and retaining its long plain-weave skirts, this is a most attractive and decorative carpet.
Size: 2.56m x 1.46m (8' 5" x 4' 9").

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Neiriz Region, Kerman ...

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The indigo-blue ground contains a myriad of 'demon heads' according to the Afshar, but in reality, it is a stylised floral palmette, derived from those seen in 16th century Persian classical carpets.
The rug is in excellent condition, good pile and glowing vegetable colours, and dates to circa 1900 from the Afshars of Neiriz.
Size: 1.53m x 1.20m (5' 0" x 4' 0").

Antique Afshar Carpet, Afshar Tribes, Kerman Province, ...

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This large-size Afshar rug or small carpet was made in Kerman Province, south Persia circa 1870-1880 and comprises a small flower or shrub design surrounding an ivory central lozenge - a symbol frequently seen on Afshar rugs and weavings. It is interesting to note the single 'birds-heads' lozenge to the lower right of the central lozenge as seen clearly in the sixth image down - the only insertion of this symbol in the whole field of this carpet! Could it be the weaver's signature? The carpet is in good pile all over and retains its plain-weave skirts at each end.
Size: 2.56m x 1.47m (8' 5" 4' 10").

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Sirjan Area, Kerman ...

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This charming small Afshar rug was made in the Sirjan area of south Persia during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. It has an overall design of interconnecting lozenges and an attractive inner red border, highlighted in golden-yellow. The overall condition of the rug is very good with some minor wear.
Size: 1.27m x 1.14m (4' 2" x 3' 9").

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Kerman Province, Southern ...

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Beautiful shades of vegetable colours abound in this magnificent rug made by Afshar nomads in southern Persia at the end of the 19th century. I particularly love the sky-blue spandrels and the myriad of creatures depicted in the central field. The rug is in very good condition and retains its brocaded ends. This rug was sold by me some 20 years ago and just acquired back. It is published in my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' on page 116 of the first edition which was published in 1997.
Size: 2.00m x 1.35m (6' 6" x 4' 6").

Antique Afshar Masnad, Afshar Nomads, Bardsir Region, ...

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This is a truly fabulous and very rare 'masnad' (seating-rug), made by Afshar nomads during the middle of the nineteenth century in the Bardsir region of Kerman Province, south Persia.
The 'masnad' was specifically made in a small, square size for the Khan or visiting dignitaries to sit on whilst giving an audience to the principal leaders amongst the tribe. The masnad was therefore a very special and highly prized rug, never intended for sale.
The design in this little masnad is rare. It probably depicts either a highly stylised lotus blossom or an open-winged eagle, amid vegetal patterns and embellished with stylised 'tree-of-life'.
See a similar example of the type in Parviz Tanavoli's 'Afshar - Tribal Weaves from South East Iran'.
Size: 1.20m x 1.09m (4' 0" x 3' 7").

Antique Tribal Rug 'masnad', Afshar Tribes, ...

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Just magnificent! A very fine, rare small rug, probably made as a 'masnad' - a very special rug made as a ceremonial king's rug. When the king had no access to the royal throne, a small rug called a masnad substituted for the throne. The myriad of well-fed chickens depicted in the central indigo-blue field are generally associated with the nomads of the Khamseh Confederacy, but here we see the chickens rarely depicted in an Afshar piece! Very special indeed.
Size: 1.40m x 1.04m

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Sirjan Region, Kerman ...

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This fabulous Afshar tribal rug has a glowing indigo-blue field with stylised vases of flowers in two wonderful shades of green, brilliant red, aubergine and ivory. Finely knotted and in excellent condition, this rug was made by Afshar tribes in the Sirjan region of southern Persia around 1870.
Size: 1.67m x 1.32m (5' 6" x 4' 4").

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Southern Persia

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Made by Afshar tribes around 1870/1880, this is a very fine and beautiful example of the best of 19th century Afshar work. The rug is in good condition overall with evenly low pile and complete with brocaded skirts at each end - something rarely seen these days. This rug, in my opinion, is one of the best small examples of Afshar work I've handled.
Size: 1.64m x 1.21m (5' 4" x 4' 0").

Antique Afshar Rug, Afshar Tribes, South Persia ...

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This rare little Afshar rug was originally sold by me in the early 1990s and it has just been acquired back. It is published in my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' under 'Afshar Tribes' and is the only one I have seen to date with this unusual, archaic field design of 4 large shrub-like motifs. I believe this is an early weaving of the Afshar - possibly around the 3rd quarter of the 19th century. It is, overall, in good condition although there are small areas of a little wear. This is a very collectable rug.
Size: 1.50m x 1.00m ( 5' 0" x 3' 3").