Antique Baluch Rug, Mahdad Khani Tribe, Khorassan, ...

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An extremely handsome rug in near-mint condition, made by the Mahdad Khani Baluch tribe in Khorassan Province, north-east Persia circa 1880. The rug has an unusual compartmentalised design of Turkmen-inspired 'kotchak' symbols and is complete with full plain-weave and brocaded skirts each end. A very collectable rug.
Size:2.44m x 1.17m (8' 0" x 3' 10").
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Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Mahdad Khani Tribe, ...

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This Baluch rug was made by the Mahdad Khani tribe around 1880. It contains 2 vertical rows of 5 'Tekke' gols - a link at some point or another with this powerful Turkmen tribe or inter-marriage? The rug is in very good overall condition.
Size: 1.82m x 0.99m (6' 0" x 3' 3").
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Antique Baluch Rug, Ali Mirza'i Tribe, Khorassan ...

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The wonderful soft colour palette in this Ali Mirza'i Baluch rug of madder-red and indigo-blue is subtle and beautiful at the same time. The very slight corrosion to the dark-brown dye within the field gives the whole rug a 3-dimensional feel. It is in excellent condition and retains its fabulous kilim skirts at each end.
Size: 1.88m x 1.05m (6' 2" x 3' 5").
| $2,330 USD | €1,983 EUR

Antique Baluch Rug, Ferdows Region, South-East Persia. ...

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This is an unusual and lovely antique example of the Ferdows group of Baluchis, made during the last quarter of the 19th century. The rug has an attractive palette of light and dark blues, golden yellow, ivory and madder-red.
Size: 1.30m x 0.80m (4' 3" x 2' 7").
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Antique Prayer-Rug, Baluch Tribes, Khorassan Province, North-East ...

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This charming prayer-rug, made by Baluch tribes around 1900, contains a camel-hair field with 'tree-of-life' rising upwards. The two panels on either side of the mihrab contain hands - a reminder where to place hands during prayer. In good condition.
Size: 1.73m x 0.92m (5' 8" x 3' 0").
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Antique Baluch Prayer-Rug, Sistan Region, South-East Persia. ...

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The Baluch tribes of Sistan regularly knotted mosque mihrabs into their prayer-rugs during the 19th century as in this one. I've seen quite a few over my many years of dealing but never one as good as this! It is rare for a start, to see Sistani prayer-rugs with elaborate chevron kilim skirts and this might well indicate an earlier type. The mihrab area with its three domes has highlights of silk shining through, and as silk was very expensive to these nomads, I suspect it was commissioned by a tribal chief or important person within the tribe who could afford small areas of silk. Acquired in the 1950s by recent acquaintances of mine, they told me that the rug was seen by the late, famous US Baluch collector, Colonel Boucher, who said it was the best Sistan Baluch he had ever seen. A very good recommendation! It is in excellent complete condition with no repairs whatsoever and in the two vertical panels on either side of the central 'tree' panel, there is the usual dark-brown corrosive dye - possibly oak galls mordanted with an iron solution in order to fix the dye (see close-up photo). This is a serious collector's rug and an important example of this type.
Size: 1.48m x 0.84m (4' 10" x 2' 9").
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Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Khorassan Province, North-East ...

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Magnificent natural colours abound in this rare and superb rug of the Baluch nomads of north-east Persia, made around 1870. The natural camel-hair field contains what appear to be stylised leaves in shades of vegetable aubergine, turquoise, light and mid indigo-blues. The main border is stunning with its light-blue continuous vine running all the way round on a glowing madder-red background colour. The only damage on the rug is in the two narrow bands of dark-brown soumack weave in both skirts, where the dark-brown dye has corroded due to the mordant effect. The lower skirt has the worst of the damage and I have had the bands sewn onto a backing cloth to protect from any further damage rather than remove the skirts completely which would, in my mind, amount to sacrilege! The rug is such a superb example of its type that I feel it should be placed in a very quiet room or hung on a wall - a great way to admire such a fabulous piece.
Size: 2.03m x 1.05m (6' 8" x 3' 5").

Antique Baluch Rug, Khorassan, North-East Persia

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Wonderful vegetable colours throughout this beautiful rug from the khorassan Baluch made circa 1880. I love the indigo-blue field and the red main border comprising of the 'hashie anguri' or grape-vine design, as well as the stylised cockerels in the blue field symbolising the harbinger of the day and dispeller of the night.
Size: 2.00m x 1.04m (6' 6" x 3' 5").

Antique Baluch Rug, Jehan Begi Tribe, Khorassan ...

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The deep indigo-blue field contains small white flowers referred to as 'gol shaftalu' or nectar blossom. The main madder-red border is a powerful rendering of the 'hashie anguri' or grape-vine pattern. The red is absolutely beautiful - deep saturated colour - as is the glowing indigo-blue in the central field. The rug is in very good condition, albeit having corroded brown, as is typical with Baluch rugs of this age, and is complete with flat-woven skirts at both ends.
Size: 1.95m x 1.17m (6' 5" x 3' 10").

Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Ferdows Region, South-East ...

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This fabulous rug from the Baluch tribes of Ferdows in south-east Persia was made at the end of the 19th century. The beautiful, glossy wool in a glowing vegetable-dye pomegranate field, contains sky-blue stylised fish swimming around water-lilies. The main border is bold and powerful with the same design of two fish swimming around a water-lily - symbolic of happiness. The rug is in excellent condition.
Size: 1.96m x 1.14m (6' 5" x 3' 9").

Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Khorassan Province, North-East ...

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Beautiful natural shades of indigo-blue and madder-red dominate this lovely early Baluch. The white flowers in the indigo-blue field represent the nectar-blossom and the main border design powerfully frames the field. Typical for early Baluch rugs is the corrosive brown-dye, seen particularly around the ivory minor borders, caused by iron-mordanting of the wool.
Size: 2.44m x 1.00m (8' 0" x 3' 3").

Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Khorassan Province, North-East ...

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A unique and rare little Baluch rug in excellent condition and with an unusual colour palette - mainly having an aubergine field. Made around 1870-1880, I haven't come across a Baluch like this before. It really is a beautiful rug.
Size: 1.42m x 0.90m (4' 8" x 3' 0")