Antique Zili, Shahsevan Nomads, Baku Region, Azerbaijan. ...

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Illustrated in the recently published 3rd edition of my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' page 278, I sold this rare and beautiful Zili in 2006 and it has recently come back to me.
The madder-red and indigo-blue squares contain adult and baby peacocks or winged griffins, and was made in extremely fine balanced plain-weave with continuous and discontinuous wefts. A superb and highly collectable wall hanging, made in the Baku region of Azerbaijan around 1880. Such pieces are a rare find these days - most found in today's market are fragments.
Size: 1.90m x 1.30m (6' 3" x 4' 3").
| $9,986 USD | €8,498 EUR

Antique Shirvan Rug, Shirvan, Eastern Caucasus

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Acquired from a private Australian collection, this mint condition rug was made around 1900 in Shirvan in the eastern Caucasus. The central madder-red field contains stylised flowers, botehs and '8-pointed stars' and the main ivory border which surrounds the field shows the typical Shirvan 'calyx' pattern.
Size: 1.90m x 1.15m (6' 3" x 3' 9").
| $4,660 USD | €3,966 EUR

Antique Shirvan Rug, Shirvan, Eastern Caucasus.

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The deep indigo-blue field running to near black at the top is like a night sky and the spontaneity of symbols scattered throughout the field appear lit up like stars glowing in the dark! This very finely-knotted rug was made in the Shirvan area of the eastern Caucasus circa 1900-1910 and with its low-cropped pile, it is in very good condition. A truly unique and beautiful rug.
Size: 1.60m x 1.22m (5' 3" x 4' 0").
| $3,662 USD | €3,116 EUR

Antique Akstafa Prayer-Rug, Eastern Caucasus

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This beautiful, early Akstafa prayer-rug from the eastern Caucasus was made around 1860. The rug is in very good condition with a few very minor areas of re-knotting near the original selvedges and a very small 'ruck' line which is easily repaired after the rug has a stretch. The dyes are all natural and the pile good all-over.
A very collectable rug of the type.
Size: 1.70m x 0.82m (5' 7" x 2' 8").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Akstafa, Eastern Caucasus

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This visually stunning little prayer-rug was made in the Akstafa region of the eastern Caucasus during the last quarter of the 19th century. The colours are all vegetable and consist of a beautiful cochineal-red in the central field and a lovely use of green in the outer border (which looks blue'ish in the main photo).
Size: 1.48m x 0.82m (4' 10" x 2' 8").

Antique Borchalou Rug, Borchalou, South-West Caucasus.

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Borchalou lies below Tiflis in the south-western Caucasus. In the seventeenth century, Shah Abbas deported Borchalou tribes from Hamadan northwards and they eventually settled in this area, now called Borchalou.
This stunning little rug has a typical Borchalou madder-red field and simple motifs depicted therein. Interestingly, at the base of the red field there appears a blue square which I suspect is a re-entrant symbol, often seen in prayer-rugs of the south-west Caucasus. Could this little rug, therefore, be a latent prayer-rug?
Made circa 1875, it is in near mint condition and the wool is soft and glossy.
Size: 1.40m x 1.22m (4' 7" x 4' 0")

Antique Moghan Rug, Moghan, Azerbaijan, South-Western Caucasus ...

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This magnificent corridor rug from the Moghan region of Azerbaijan, was made around 1870 and is in excellent condition. The natural colour palette is stunning and I particularly like the main border with its archaic 'bird' design.
Size: 2.74m x 1.00m (9' 0" x 3' 3").

Antique Perepidal Rug, Eastern Caucasus

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This rug is a magnificent example of very finely knotted Perepidal work from the 1870s. Note the zoomorphic birds with their wings outstretched and the depiction of stylised dragons in the central field. The vegetable colours are superb and bar a few minor repairs, the rug is in very good condition.
Size: 1.63m x 1.12m (5' 4" x 3' 8").

Antique Karabagh Rug, Southern Caucasus

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Boldly exciting and with wonderful, saturated natural colours, this long rug from the Karabagh region of the southern Caucasus is in very good condition. In full pile throughout, the rug has had some small areas of expert restoration only.
Size: 2.60m x 1.42m (8' 6" x 4' 8").

Shirvan, Eastern Caucasus

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This rug is an early example of the so-called 'flower Shirvans' as illustrated in the late Ian Bennet's 'Caucasian Rugs' pages 206 & 207. Most of the 'flower Shirvans' have a dark indigo-blue field whereas this rug has an unusual madder-red field. It has, what I feel, is a very old back, and to this end, as many were attributed to the early to third quarter 19th century, I am happy to label this beautiful rug to the mid 19th century. I love the early rendition of a Kufic border and, at the bottom of the rug where the weaver started knotting, the incorporation of a very thin minor red line only after she reached the top of the main border! This is a truly beautiful rug and I am pleased to present it to you now.
Size: 1.70m x 1.04m (5' 7" x 3' 5").

Antique Lesghi Rug, Lesghi, Eastern Caucasus

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This stunning little rug has three 'Lesghi stars' on a turquoise central field and is framed by five beautiful borders. Rugs made by Lesghians are more commonly found with red or blue central fields but to find turquoise, is rare. The rug is finely knotted and in very good condition.
Size: 1.42m x 1.04m (4' 8" x 3' 5").

Antique Prayer Rug, Marasali, Eastern Caucasus

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I have always loved the 'Marasali boteh' design - a boteh or stylised pine-cone or leaf motif peculiar to the weavers of Marasali in the eastern Caucasus. This stunning prayer rug was made during the last quarter of the 19th century with good, saturated vegetable dyes. It is in overall good condition albeit with evenly-low pile.
Size: 1.45m x 1.14m (4' 9" x 3' 9").