Antique Bread Sofreh, Taimani Nomads, Chahar Aimaq ...

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Bread 'sofrehs' like this one are rare. The bread sofreh was a weaving for kneading the dough on before baking the bread on a hot plate over a fire.
This sofreh was made by Taimani tribes, part of the Chahar Aimaq confederation, in the Charchagan area of Ghor Province in west-central Afghanistan circa 1900. The sofreh is in excellent overall condition with no repairs whatsoever.
Size: 1.22m (4') square.

Antique Taimani Tribal Rug, Taimani Nomads, Western ...

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I love the vibrant, playful natural colours in this little 19th century rug made by Taimani nomads in western Afghanistan. The wool is lustrous and the brocaded skirts remain intact at each end.
The Taimani belong to a group of tribes referred to as the Chahar Aimaq, where 'chahar' means 'four' and 'aimaq' is a Mongolian word for 'nomad'. They inhabit a large area of west-central Afghanistan, particularly around Charchagan in the provinces of Ghor and Farah and are, by far, the largest of the Chahar Aimaq confederation. Rugs of the Taimani have been, and continue to be, incorrectly labelled 'Baluch'.
A charming and delightful little rug.
Size: 1.10m x 0.65m (3' 7" x 2' 2").