Antique Lion Gabbeh, Qashqa'i - Kashkuli Tribe, ...

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Wow!! A rare and fabulous lion gabbeh has just arrived from Iran!
Gabbehs like this are very rare these days and this is a particularly finely-knotted and exceptional lion rug, made by the Kashkuli taifeh within the Qashqa'i Confederacy around 1850-1870. The lion, which roamed the Zagros Mountains in western Iran until the last sighting of a carcass in the 1950s, is superbly drawn in this magnificent gabbeh.
The male lion depicted here is as good as any in Parviz Tanavoli's book 'Lion Rugs' book but for a similar example, see page 81. Tanavoli wrote this book in 1985 and estimated the gabbeh featured on page 81 to be well over 100 years old back then.
The four 'crowns' in pale-blue represent the lion as king and symbolised bravery to the nomadic Kashkuli tribe. They were used in the black tents on a daily basis and thus very few have survived today. This gabbeh has had an area of re-knotting which can be seen at the back and tail area of the lion and which has been very well done. However, to match the superior quality and colour of the old wool, this is very difficult today.
The importance of the lion in ancient Persia was such that Persia was called 'the land of lions'.
Size: 1.90m x 1.40m (6' 3" x 4' 7").
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Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Taifeh, Fars Province, ...

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This is a truly beautiful example of the best of Shekarlu - Qashqa'i weaving. It is important to look at the detail images to really appreciate the wonderful vegetable colours. Made around 1870, the rug is in very good pile albeit the selvedges have been replaced due to wear. The main ivory border is typical 'Shekarlu' as is the indigo-blue field with its stylised trees and flowers - a true garden of Paradise!
Size: 2.16m x 1.70m (7' 1" x 5' 7").
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Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Taifeh, Fars Province, ...

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Does anyone like horses?!! Then this is the rug for you!
This is an amazing nineteenth century rug of the Shekarlu sub-tribe within the Qashqa'i Confederacy, made circa 1870-1880, comprising a myriad of men on horseback. In some of the close-up photos, you will even spot foals! There's a lot going on and whoever buys this magnificent rug will spend the rest of their lives finding something new every day - a lifetime of study!! As a matter of interest, the very central lozenge contains pomegranates. The rug is evenly-low in pile but otherwise, completely original with only very minor repairs.
Size: 2.34 x 1.52m (7' 8" x 5' 0").
| $7,488 USD | €6,122 EUR

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Taifeh, Fars Province, ...

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Just in, a small, rare-size rug of the Shekarlu sub-tribe (taifeh) within the Qshqa'i Confederacy, made around 1870-1880. The main border is typically Shekarlu but the diagonal bands of 'birds-heads' symbols is unusual. All the colours are beautifully saturated from natural dyes and the wool is soft and lustrous. The rug retains the remains of its brocaded skirts at each end and overall, it is in good pile and very good condition. As with all my stock, this beautiful little rug has been washed and any minor restoration carried out where neccessary.
Size: 1.90m x 1.30m (6' 3" x 4; 3").
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Antique Gabbeh, Qashqa'i Tribes, Fars Province, South-West ...

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Dated 1334 in the Islamic calendar (1916 in the solar calendar), this magnificent rug was probably made by a sub-tribe of the Qashqa'i Confederacy - possibly the Bolvardi or even a Luri tribe? It is in excellent pile all over and is complete with its additional skirts at each end. The indigo-blue field contains three large 'birds-heads' lozenges incorporating the 'scorpion' symbol within and the field is scattered with various symbols and plants. What is particularly attractive, is the stunning use of green in the central lozenge. This is a most attractive early 20th century piece with natural colours - probably the last vestiges of true nomadic art.
PS: For US buyers, please note that this rug is easily available without any embargo issues.
Size: 2.24m x 1.23m (7' 4" x 4' 0").
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Antique Qashqa'i Carpet, Fars Province, South-West Persia. ...

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This beautiful small carpet was possibly made by the Shesh Boluki sub-tribe ('tireh' in Persian) of the Qashqa'i Confederacy around 1900. The overall condition is very good and it is ready for floor use.
Size: 2.90m x 1.57m (9' 6" x 5' 2").
| $3,404 USD | €2,783 EUR

Antique Qashqa'i Tribal Rug, Shesh Boluki Taifeh, ...

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This handsome rug was made circa 1900 by the Shesh Boluki taifeh of the Qashqa'i Confederacy. It has lovely vegetable colours throughout and is in very good overall condition.
Size: 1.80m x 1.27m (6' 0" x 4' 2").
| $1,974 USD | €1,614 EUR

Antique Qashqa'i Tribal Rug, Fars Province, South-West ...

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This finely knotted rug of the Qashqa'i nomads was made circa 1870-1880. The overall condition is very good, bar a small amount of mordant corrosion in the dark-brown dyed central field. The design in the central field is elegantly drawn and the ivory border is most attractive with its row of stylised botehs.
Size: 1.83m x 1.22m (6' 0" x 4' 0").
| $1,702 USD | €1,391 EUR

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Sub-Tribe, Fars Province, ...

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Just magnificent! This superb early example of Shekarlu - Qashqa'i weaving was made during the third quarter of the nineteenth century and depicts a field of narrow vertical columns incorporating small angular 'botehs'. What is particularly attractive is the powerful main border with its diagonal bands in beautiful natural-dye shades of colour. The long brocaded skirts at both ends of the rug are very attractive and virtually complete. This is a highly collectible rug as well as being extremely decorative - washed and ready for floor use.
Size: 2.09m x 1.50m (6' 10" x 5' 0").

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Kashkuli Tribe, Fars Province, ...

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The Kashkuli nomads were the finest weavers within the Qashqa'i Confederacy and this rug, made circa 1880, is a testament to the exceptional quality of these 19th century Kashkuli rugs. The beautiful indigo-blue field contains a myriad of flowers which, to these nomads, represented their woven gardens within their black tents. The main border is finely executed and the saturated natural colours are glowing in the very best way. Just magnificent!
Size: 2.31m x 1.27m (7' 7" x 4' 2").

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Fars Province, South-West Persia. ...

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This beautiful Qashqa'i rug, made circa 1870, has a myriad of creatures of all kinds depicted in the indigo-blue field. Look to the lower left of the top large lozenge and you will see a horse and rider and then just cast your eye over the entire field - which might take several hours, even months - and you will find many interesting animals and symbols! All dyes are vegetable and the rug is in good condition, albeit evenly low pile all over, but not worn. The ivory border is a powerful frame to a magical rug.
Size: 2.40m x 1.45m (7' 10" x 4' 9").

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, South-West Persia

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This unusual and finely knotted little Qashqa'i rug was probably made by Kashkuli weavers - the finest rug-makers within the Qashqa'i Confederacy -during the second half of the 19th century. The colours are all vegetable and the rug is in excellent condition.
Size: 1.26m x 0.99m (4' 2" x 3' 3").