Antique Turkmen Wedding Rug, Teke Tribes, Turkmenistan, ...

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Wedding rugs were, as the name implies, made for the bride and groom to stand on at their wedding ceremony and take their marriage vows. These rugs were never intended for sale but kept in the 'bukcha' (dowry bag) for the rest of their married lives. This little rug was made by Teke tribes at the end of the 19th century - possibly around 1900 - and bar a few minor repairs, it is in very good condition.
Size: 1.07m x 1.07m (3' 6" x 3' 6").
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Antique Turkmen Torba, Teke Tribe Akhal Oasis, ...

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Here we see a rare 12 gul Teke torba - once a small storage bag - in complete condition albeit, a little ragged in places. Nevertheless, this fabulous torba comprises 12 guls or tribal crests, rather than the more common 6 gul torbas - even those are relatively rare these days. The wool is soft and lustrous with highlights of cochineal-dye silk in the centre of the guls, and the weave is very fine, indicating it was made by a very competent Teke weaver, probably in the Akhal Oasis circa 1850. A truly wonderful work of woven nomadic art!
Size: 1.22m x 0.40m (4' 0" x 1' 4").
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Antique Turkmen Rug, Teke Tribes, Akhal Oasis, ...

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Just arrived, an early Teke rug made with cochineal-dye wool, from the mid 19th century and originating from the Akhal Oasis in Turkmenistan.
The overall small 'gul' pattern in the central field is rare in rugs of the Teke nomads and more often found in their chuvals (bedding bags).
Note how the weaver started the border (base of rug) with the small 'gul' symbols but then changed her mind by knotting a different border pattern which then powerfully framed the field. The knotted 'elems' or skirts are beautifully drawn and although the overall condition of the pile is evenly low, it doesn't seem to detract from the rug when it's on the floor.
This a truly rare and fabulous example of early Teke work.
Size: 1.65m x 1.22m (5' 5" x 4' 0").
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Antique Turkmen Chuval, Teke Tribes, Akhal Oasis, ...

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The madder-red field in this exceptionally fine Teke chuval (bedding-bag), can be compared to the most desirable reds in the weavings of the highly collectable Salor Turkmen. The chuval has highlights of cochineal-dye silk and was a very special piece when it was made. Although there is a small area of moth damage and the original selvedges are missing and the flat-woven back has long gone, the chuval still exudes power and intense beauty - a sign of the very highest quality work of the Teke weavers during the third quarter of the 19th century.
Size: 1.18m x 0.66m (3' 10" x 2' 2").
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Antique Turkmen Chuval, Sariq Tribe, Turkmenistan, Central ...

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An attractive chuval (bedding-bag) made by Sariq Turkmen circa 1900-1920. The bag is missing its original flat-woven back and is now more suitable for floor use.
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Antique Turkmen Mafrash, Ersary Tribes, Northern Afghanistan. ...

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A charming little mafrash (personal belongings bag) woven in brocade technique with plain-weave cotton back. Made during the early 20th century, the bag is in very good condition.
Size: 81cm x 36cm (2' 8" x 1' 2").
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Antique Turkmen Chuval, Yomut Tribes, Trans-Caspian Steppes, ...

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Chuvals were made in pairs with flat-woven backs and were large bedding-bags for tying to the flanks of the camel during long migrations. This chuval has lost its flat-woven back - and its mate - but nevertheless a nice example made by Yomut Turkmen around 1900.
Size: 1.22m x 0.79m (4' 0" x 2' 7").
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Antique Turkmen Rug, Teke Tribes, Turkmenistan, Central ...

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Here we have a nice decorative Teke Turkmen rug in very good condition, made circa 1900.
Size: 1.40m x 1.12m (4' 7" x 3' 8").
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Antique Turkmen Wedding Rug, Goklen Tribe, Turkmenistan, ...

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A rare and beautiful wedding rug of the Goklen Turkmen made around 1870. The rug is in excellent condition and depicts a myriad of small 'dyrnak' guls throughout the central field and surrounded by a simple border often found on Goklen weavings. The natural-dye aubergine field has a beautiful palette and the 'elems' at each end have shades of golden yellow. A very collectable little rug made by the Goklen bride for her and future husband to stand on at the wedding ceremony and take their wedding vows.
Size: 1.50m x 1.04m (4' 11" x 3' 5").
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Antique Turkmen Torba, Sariq Tribe, Yolatan Oasis, ...

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This beautifully-drawn torba was made by Sariq Turkmen around 1880 - 1890 using the overall field design of the so-called 'schemle' gul. The red colours are from madder and cochineal and the piece is in excellent condition bar two small exceptionally restored top corners where the missing cords would have pulled and torn the corners through heavy use.
Size: 1.22m x 0.38m (4' 0" x 1' 3").
| $1,132 USD | €963 EUR

Antique Turkmen Carpet, Teke Tribes, Turkmenistan, Central ...

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This very handsome Turkmen carpet was made in Turkmenistan by Teke tribes around 1890-1900.
The carpet is in very good overall condition other than some minor repairs needing to be done to secure the ends and overbinding on the selvedges. Very decorative.
Size: 3.66m x 2.30m (12' 0" x 7' 6").
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Antique Turkmen Carpet, Teke Tribes, Akhal Oasis, ...

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The beautiful madder-red field in this attractive Teke Turkmen carpet contains 5 vertical columns of 10 Teke guls (heraldic crests). The centre of each of the main guls have alternate indigo-blue and cochineal and turquoise and cochineal. Particularly attractive are the elems (skirts) incorporating a tree pattern at each end and the depiction of horned creatures on each side of the main border, as seen in the close-up image. Made around 1900, the soft natural dyes produce a wonderful warm palette to enhance any room.
Size: 2.84m x 2.09m (9' 4" x 6' 10").
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