Antique Prayer-Rug, Kazak Mountains, South-West Caucasus.

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I particularly love the attractive sky-blue field with its stylised botehs depicted opposing each other and surrounded by 'S' symbols - dragon motifs for protection against evil spirits.
The prayer mihrab in undyed ivory wool, contains six quincunx (fives for protection) and a large double-headed sunbird lozenge in each panel. The main border of stylised trees is powerfully-drawn on a golden-yellow background.
Possibly made in the Kazak region of the south-western Caucasus during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the rug is in good overall condition albeit with evenly-low pile. A rug for hanging on the wall or used in a quiet location within the house.
Size: 1.27m x 0.87m (4' 2" x 2' 10").

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Neiriz Region, Kerman ...

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The indigo-blue ground contains a myriad of 'demon heads' according to the Afshar, but in reality, it is a stylised floral palmette, derived from those seen in 16th century Persian classical carpets.
The rug is in excellent condition, good pile and glowing vegetable colours, and dates to circa 1900 from the Afshars of Neiriz.
Size: 1.53m x 1.20m (5' 0" x 4' 0").