Antique Salt-Bag, Timuri Tribes, Borderlands of Eastern ...

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An amazing salt-bag ('namakdan' in Persian)! Piled on both sides and where the weaver has used a fabulous natural green to decorate the inner field. The tassels symbolically represent good luck and the bag is complete with goat-hair braided cord for carrying it. Rare and beautiful!
Size: 54cm x 33cm (1' 9" x 1' 1").
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Antique Salt-Bag, Jaf Kurds, Kurdistan.

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Regularly seen are the saddle-bags of the Jaf Kurdish nomads with the 'double-headed sunbird' symbol, but salt-bags ('namakdan' in Persian) with this motif are relatively scarce. This very attractive namakdan is in overall very good condition with very slight wear and is complete with plain-weave back depicting a stylized goat at the neck of the bag - charming indeed!
Size: 49cm x 33cm (1' 7" x 1' 1").
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Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Neiriz, Kerman Province, ...

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A very handsome 'tree-of-life' rises upwards with the roots in the underworld, the trunk in the earthly world and the branches in the world of the spirit. The ivory ground is littered with birds and animals of all types and the main border with its curvilinear botehs is beautifully drawn.
In very good overall condition.
Size:2.00m x 1.53m (6' 6" x 5' 0").
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Antique Saddle-Bags, Qashqa'i - Darrehshuri Nomads, Fars ...

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Intricate brocade work with tufts of woollen knots dominate this rather special 'khorjin' (saddle-bags), made by the Darrehshuri taifeh of the Qashqa'i Confederation circa 1900.
The bags are in excellent condition with original mustard-yellow plain-weave back. All colours are natural, including the orange in the central field - a typical favourite colour often seen in Qashqa'i weavings.
Size: 1.30m x 0.63m (4' 3" x 2' 1")
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Antique Kilim, Senneh, Persian Kurdistan.

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An attractive kilim made by Kurdish tribes in the Senneh area of Persian Kurdistan circa 1920.
The overall small pattern is referred to as 'herati' - symbolically two fish swimming around water-lilies and representing happiness. The kilim is in very good overall condition with a few minor repairs.
1.93m x 1.07m (6' 4" x 3' 6").
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Antique Khamseh Confederacy Rug, Arab Ghani Tribe, ...

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A colourful little rug of the Khamseh Confederacy, Arab Ghani sub-tribe, in very good condition, made around the last quarter of the 19th century.
Note the stylised birds in the middle madder-red border. A beautiful rug with stunning natural colours.
Size: 1.58m x 1.27m (5' 2" x 4' 2").
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Antique Seichour Corridor Rug, Seichour, Eastern Caucasus. ...

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Wow! Not being at all biased, but this must be one of the best Seichour corridor rugs I've ever seen!
The fabulous green field is not just one shade of green but several striations or abrash. The weaver has quite obviously run out of natural green wool using different shades throughout. The main border is typically Seichour - like a wave design but powerful in its drawing. An incredibly beautiful corridor rug in very good condition from circa 1860-1870.
It is important to view the close-up images for a clearer image of the design and better colour representation.
Size: 2.77m x 0.94m (9' 1" x 3' 1").
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Antique Afshar Rug, Neiriz, Kerman Province, Southern ...

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I love the soft natural colours in this beautiful rug made by Afshar nomads in the Neiriz area of Kerman Province, southern Persia around 1900. The centre of the indigo-blue field depicts a massive flower-head with vases of flowers emanating from each end. The flower-heads then form the spandrels - disappearing out under the borders and into infinity. Small quadrupeds - possibly deer or gazelle can be seen around the central flower.
Size: 1.70m x 1.25m (5' 7" x 4' 1").
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Antique Turkmen Chuval, Sariq Tribe, Yolatan Oasis, ...

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This Turkmen bedding bag-face was made by Sariq nomads during the middle 19th century.
The 'elem' (lower skirt) depicts what looks like dancing ladies - also seen in the upper panel - on a beautiful glowing madder-red ground. The Sariq 'guls' (tribal crests) can be seen in the central field, highlighted in cochineal-red.
Size: 1.32m x 0.90m (4' 4" x 3' 0").
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