Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Taifeh, Fars Province, ...

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Does anyone like horses?!! Then this is the rug for you!
This is an amazing nineteenth century rug of the Shekarlu sub-tribe within the Qashqa'i Confederacy, made circa 1870-1880, comprising a myriad of men on horseback. In some of the close-up photos, you will even spot foals! There's a lot going on and whoever buys this magnificent rug will spend the rest of their lives finding something new every day - a lifetime of study!! As a matter of interest, the very central lozenge contains pomegranates. The rug is evenly-low in pile but otherwise, completely original with only very minor repairs.
Size: 2.34 x 1.52m (7' 8" x 5' 0").
| $7,323 USD | €6,232 EUR

Antique Kilim, Qashqa'i Nomads, Fars Province. South-West ...

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This superb Qashqa'i tribal kilim was made circa 1900 and is in very good condition.
I love the juxtaposition of wonderful natural colours - the incredible mid-blue surrounding the central field and the glorious golden yellow throughout. A truly great and decorative kilim.
Size: 2.26 x 1.57m (7' 5" x 5' 2").
| $3,329 USD | €2,833 EUR

Antique Turkmen Main Carpet, Teke Tribes, Turkmenistan, ...

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A magnificent main yurt carpet made by Teke Turkmen tribes during the third quarter 19th century. The glowing madder-red is just to die for (excuse the pun) and the carpet is in excellent overall condition with stunning elems (skirts). The weave is as fine as they get as can be seen in the close-up photo and all I can add is that the weaver was obviously at the very height of her weaving ability.
Size: 2.81 x 2.24m (9' 3" x 7' 4").
| $12,650 USD | €10,764 EUR

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Taifeh, Fars Province, ...

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Just in, a small, rare-size rug of the Shekarlu sub-tribe (taifeh) within the Qshqa'i Confederacy, made around 1870-1880. The main border is typically Shekarlu but the diagonal bands of 'birds-heads' symbols is unusual. All the colours are beautifully saturated from natural dyes and the wool is soft and lustrous. The rug retains the remains of its brocaded skirts at each end and overall, it is in good pile and very good condition. As with all my stock, this beautiful little rug has been washed and any minor restoration carried out where neccessary.
Size: 1.90m x 1.30m (6' 3" x 4; 3").
| $5,126 USD | €4,362 EUR

Balisht or Storage-Bag, Afshar Nomads, Kerman Province, ...

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Pillow-bags or 'balisht' in Persian were, as the name implies, used for lounging on in the black-tent or for placing one's head on at night as a pillow. They were usually stuffed with cotton and tied at one end. This very rare bag, made circa 1870, was I suspect, a balisht because of its size. However, I have never seen such a bag made by Afshar nomads in the Jabel Barez mountains of Kerman Province of southern Persia! Most balishts were made by Baluch tribes on the borderlands of east Persia and west Afghanistan. So what we have here is something very rare, special and highly collectible. It is in evenly-low pile all over with a few minor expertly done re-weaves in the lower corners, but otherwise complete with original back. The beautiful saturated colours in shades of red, sky-blue, ivory, green and burnt-orange can be seen in the vertical bands of small stylised flowers.
Size: 61 x 31cm (2' x 1').
| $2,330 USD | €1,983 EUR

Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Khorassan, North-East Persia. ...

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Just in, this early Baluch rug from the Khorassan region of north-east Persia was probably made around 1860 - 1870. The beautiful madder-red ground contains an early rendition of the so-called Turkmen 'gurbache' gul highlighted in glorious shades of deep to mid indigo-blue. The border depicts the continuous vine symbolising the eternal cycle of life. Apart from areas of corroded dark-brown wool due to mordant corrosion, the overall condition of the rug is very good for its age.
Size: 1.83m x 0.94m (6' 0" x 3' 1").
| $2,463 USD | €2,096 EUR

Antique Storage Bag-Face, Baluch Tribes, Khorassan, North-East ...

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This is one of the very best Baluch 'cockerel' bag-faces I've handled for many years.
This is a superb example of the very best of the highly-collectible so-called 'bird bags', made by Baluch nomads in the Khorassan region of north-east Persia circa 1870. The wool is soft and lustrous - a sign of the very best of Baluch weaving - and the bag-face is in near mint condition, albeit, without its back, lost many years ago. The deep indigo-blue ground contains a myriad of cockerels symbolising the harbinger of the day, the dispeller of the night. I suspect the dark birds are females and the two ivory birds are males, symbolising the creation of life.
Note also, the 'diamond' type symbols, top left and right corners of the field, highlighted in ivory - their symbolic meaning lost in the passage of time.
Size: 70cm x 76cm (2' 3" x 2' 6").
| $3,329 USD | €2,833 EUR

Antique Bakhtiari Rug, The Chahar Mahal Region, ...

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Just arrived, a beautiful circa 1900 garden-pattern Bakhtiari rug in excellent condition.
The field contains cypress and pomegranate trees that appear to disappear under the borders and out into infinity. Therefore the weaver has just captured a small part of Paradise and the borders around the field keep 'good' from escaping and prevent 'evil spirits' from entering this sacred space. Wonderful natural colours throughout with a lovely use of green.
Size: 1.90m x 1.40m (6' 3" x 4' 7").
| $3,662 USD | €3,116 EUR

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Shekarlu Sub-Tribe, Fars Province, ...

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Just magnificent! This superb early example of Shekarlu - Qashqa'i weaving was made during the third quarter of the nineteenth century and depicts a field of narrow vertical columns incorporating small angular 'botehs'. What is particularly attractive is the powerful main border with its diagonal bands in beautiful natural-dye shades of colour. The long brocaded skirts at both ends of the rug are very attractive and virtually complete. This is a highly collectible rug as well as being extremely decorative - washed and ready for floor use.
Size: 2.09m x 1.50m (6' 10" x 5' 0").
| $5,992 USD | €5,099 EUR

Antique Bakhtiari Rug, The Chahar Mahal Region, ...

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Wow! An amazing and powerful design of five sky-blue 'botehs' on an ivory ground surrounded by flower-heads. This is an incredible Bakhtiari rug - certainly with a rare and unique field design which is hugely appealing - particularly to me anyway - and I hope you like it too!
Made in the Chahar Mahal area of western Persia circa 1900, this rug is in excellent pile and condition with no repairs whatsoever.
Size: 2.09m x 1.40m (6' 10" x 4' 7").
| $4,660 USD | €3,966 EUR

Antique Luri Tribal Rug, Luristan, Western Persia. ...

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This charming little rug with its lustrous shiny wool and vegetable dyes, was made by Luri nomads at the end of the nineteenth century.
Other that the two powerful central lozenges, the field is filled with a myriad of what look like stars shining in a deep indigo-blue sky. On the other hand, they may depict a field of tiny flowers inhabited by stylised peacocks - six in total - but I leave all that to your own imagination.
This is a truly tribal rug, made by a Luri girl in Luristan and she was obviously having a lot of fun knotting this gorgeous little rug.
Size: 1.58 x 1.04m (5' 2" x 3' 5").

Antique kilim, Qashqa'i Tribes, Fars Province, South-West ...

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A striking kilim woven by Qashqa'i nomads around 1920.
These kilims were specifically woven for compartmentalising the black-tent, providing privacy for men, women, children and guests. Another use was to cover the bedding stacked around the circumference of the tent during sedentary periods. Today, these kilims provide a highly decorative and minimalistic look on wooden floors.
Size: 2.54 x 1.43m (8' 4" x 4' 8").