Antique Turkmen Wedding Rug, Teke Tribes, Turkmenistan, ...

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Wedding rugs were, as the name implies, made for the bride and groom to stand on at their wedding ceremony and take their marriage vows. These rugs were never intended for sale but kept in the 'bukcha' (dowry bag) for the rest of their married lives. This little rug was made by Teke tribes at the end of the 19th century - possibly around 1900 - and bar a few minor repairs, it is in very good condition.
Size: 1.07m x 1.07m (3' 6" x 3' 6").
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Antique Vanity-Bag, Afshar Nomads, Kerman Province, Southern ...

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This charming little vanity-bag ('chanteh' in Persian) was made by Afshar nomads in southern Persia around the last quarter of the 19th century. The face is knotted-pile in rich, indigo-blues with highlights of madder-red, golden yellow and green. The bag is complete with a plain-weave back in madder-red and decorated with gorgeous tassels as a symbol of good luck.
Size: 54cm x 34cm (1' 9" x 1' 1") including tassels.
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Antique Salt-Bag, Luri Nomads, Luristan, Western Persia. ...

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Archaic yet charming! This salt-bag has a naive drawing and to be honest, I've no idea what the Luri weaver was trying to depict? Nevertheless, it is truly tribal with a great appeal, soft, lustrous wool on the face and a plain-weave back in narrow horizontal bands of colour. Made circa 1880-1900.
Size: 58cm x 36cm (1' 11" x 1' 2").
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Antique Turkmen Torba, Teke Tribe Akhal Oasis, ...

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Here we see a rare 12 gul Teke torba - once a small storage bag - in complete condition albeit, a little ragged in places. Nevertheless, this fabulous torba comprises 12 guls or tribal crests, rather than the more common 6 gul torbas - even those are relatively rare these days. The wool is soft and lustrous with highlights of cochineal-dye silk in the centre of the guls, and the weave is very fine, indicating it was made by a very competent Teke weaver, probably in the Akhal Oasis circa 1850. A truly wonderful work of woven nomadic art!
Size: 1.22m x 0.40m (4' 0" x 1' 4").
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Antique Prayer-Rug, Timuri Dokhtar-e-Qazi Tribe, Western Afghanistan. ...

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Just arrived, a rare and beautiful Timuri prayer-rug of the Dokhtar-e-Qazi tribe made circa 1880.
Dokhtar-e-Qazi literally means 'daughter of the judge' - a sub tribe of the Timuri that occupied the border area of eastern Persia and western Afghanistan. The indigo-blue field is decorated with a small tree or shrub design which is peculiar to this tribe together with the distinctive pointed-shape mihrab. The rug is in excellent condition and is complete with flat-woven ends.
See my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' for a similar example and my recent article in the December 2018 Carpet Collector magazine covering the Timuri nomads.
Size: 1.43m x 1.13m (4' 8" x 3' 8").
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Old Salt-Bag, Baluch Nomads, Western Afghanistan.

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This charming salt-bag (namakdan) was woven in a mix of knotted-pile and flatweave by Baluch nomads in western Afghanistan during the first half 20th century. A very unusual weaving technique, the bag is complete with brocaded top and plain-weave back involving a chevron design.
Size: tbc
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