Antique Half Saddle-Bag, Baluch Tribes, North-East Persia. ...

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A charming and relatively rare half saddle-bag with an indigo-blue field of cockerels - symbolically the harbinger of the day and dispeller of the night. The bag is in fairly good condition although it has seen wear during quite possibly, a hard life! The back is missing but otherwise complete all round with lappits at the very top. Bags made by the Baluch with cockerels in the field are considered quite rare and collectable. This bag is by no means 'best of type' but charming nevertheless, and this is reflected in the price.
Size: 71cm x 69cm (2' 4" x 2' 3").

Antique Gabbeh, Luri Nomads, Luristan, Western Persia. ...

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Old gabbehs are rare and particularly in good condition. They were heavily used by the nomads for everyday rugs in the tents and for use as blankets during the long cold nights. Therefore few of this age survive and today have become very collectable in the world market.
This wonderful old gabbeh, made by Luri nomads in western Persia circa 1890-1900, has beautiful soft, lustrous wool, all vegetable colours and with a bold geometric design.
The use of sky-blue in the outer minor borders is particularly attractive.
Size: 2.10m x 1.28m (6' 11" x 4' 2").

Antique Qashqa'i Rug, Bolvardi Taiefeh, Fars Province, ...

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The indigo-blue abrash gives the impression of looking into the sky with birds sitting in the branches of trees - symbolically, the carriers of the soul from the earthly world to the world of the spirit! The rug, made by Bolvardi - Qashqa'i nomads around 1900, is of a nice small square size and has immense charm.
Size: 1.53m x 1.32m (5' 0" x 4' 4").

Antique Luri Rug, Luristan, Western Persia.

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A charming little rug made by Luri nomads around 1900 with a madder-red field of small shrubs or flowers. The rug is in very good pile with complete ends. The selvedges have been re-bound, otherwise no repairs whatsoever.
Size: 1.30m x 0.99m (4' 3" x 3' 3").

PAIR of Antique Tabriz Rugs, Tabriz, North-West ...

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It's unusual to find a fabulous pair of Tabriz rugs that have remained together for over 100 years. They were acquired by a British family living in Iran during the early 20th century and handed down through the family until now. I acquired them because the family concerned were down-sizing and sadly couldn't use them any more. I've had them deep washed and both rugs have turned out beautifully - their glowing indigo-blue field and intricate detail in the central lozenge and spandrels just stunning. Made around 1880-1900, I am selling the rugs as a pair as it would be sacrilege to separate them after all this time.
Size: 1.76m x 1.17m (5' 9" x 3' 10").

Antique Turkmen Rug, Teke Tribes, Merv Oasis, ...

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This exceptional Teke Turkmen rug is extremely finely knotted with superior wool and made circa 1870 in the Merv Oasis, Turkmenistan. The beautiful madder-red is just stunning and ranks amongst the very best colour in Teke work.
Size: 1.83m x 1.04m (6' 0" x 3' 5").

Antique Salt-Bag, Uzbek Tribes, Uzbekistan.

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Salt-Bags (namakdan) of the Uzbek nomads are rare. Their purpose was purely utilitarian and used for containing lumps of rock-salt, given to their animals during long migrations to help in the dehydration process. This extremely fine bag in plain-weave technique has an exciting visual appearance with the zig-zag pattern probably representing flowing water - a necessity in their daily lives. The bag is in excellent condition with plain-weave back and original tassels, inserted for good luck and made circa 1900. All the dyes are natural with a lovely use of golden yellow throughout.
Size: 53cm x 36cm (1' 9" x 1' 2") excluding tassels.