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Contemporary Lakai Uzbek Suzani, Uzbekistan.



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The word 'suzani' is a Persian word meaning 'needle'. In Uzbekistan, it refers to a type of embroidered wall-hanging that is used to decorate walls or to conceal niches and shelved alcoves. Suzani embroidery is an urban domestic craft and were made to form part of the bride's dowry.
Suzanis made in the 18th and 19th centuries, today, are highly collectable and fetch tens of thousands of pounds. The suzanis I have recently acquired here, were made during the 20th century, but of high quality and equal to their predecessors. The difference being they are considerably less money and affordable to those who are unable to pay 10,000 GBP upwards!
The suzani illustrated, is silk-embroidered on a black silk background - incredible work, natural colours and truly beautiful.
Size: 1.00m x 0.61m (3' x 2').
Viewing by appointment only.
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Height = 100 cm (40")
Width = 61 cm (24")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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