antique turkmen asmalyk ersary tribes middle amu darya region turkmenistan central asia

Antique Turkmen Asmalyk, Ersary Tribes, Middle Amu Darya Region, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.



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Illustrated in my third edition 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' page 61, this rare heptagonal asmalyk was made by Ersary tribes in the Middle Amu Darya region of Turkmenistan during the mid 19th century. The rare ivory ground with its depiction of totemic symbols, nicely drawn and interspersed with amulets for protection.
Asmalyks were made in pairs by the young bride, hung on the flanks of the wedding camel during her journey to her wedding ceremony, presented to her future husband who would hang them up in the wedding yurt as symbols of power and fertility.
This asmalyk is in excellent condition.
Size: 74cm x 1.52m (2' 5" x 5' 0").
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM/FS3


Height = 74 cm (29")
Width = 152 cm (60")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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