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Rare Antique Teke Turkmen Asmalyk, Merv Oasis, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.



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A rare 'asmalyk' - a bridal wedding camel trapping - made by Teke tribes in the Merv Oasis of Turkmenistan during the mid 19th century. Asmalyks were made in pairs by the bride and hung on the flanks of the wedding camel during the bride's journey to her wedding ceremony. Symbolically, they represented power and fertility and when presented to the bridegroom as part of the bride's dowry, he would hang them inside the wedding yurt for the rest of their married days. Most asmalyks found on the world market today are from the Yomut Turkmen - those made by the Teke are rare. This stunning asmalyk, which is in excellent condition and complete with tassels, comprises vertical columns of trees known as 'gapyrga' in the Turkmen language.
Illustrated in my third edition 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' on page 45, this is a highly collectible asmalyk.
Size: 60cm x 1.17m (2' 0" x 3' 10").
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM/FS2


Height = 60 cm (24")
Width = 117 cm (46")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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