antique saltbag 'namakdan' kurdish nomads persian kurdistan

Antique Salt-Bag ('namakdan'), Kurdish Nomads, Persian Kurdistan.


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This must be one of the smallest 'namakdans' (salt-bags) I've had the joy to handle! I suspect it might have been made for a young Kurdish shepherd boy, who might have accompanied his father while attending to the family's flock of sheep. The weaver, possibly the boy's mother, was a very accomplished weaver and this can be seen in the quality of this rare and beautiful little utilitarian bag. She may even have depicted her son in the natural camel-hair field, just above the large lozenge, surrounded by the family's animals as well as symbols for protection. Even the diamond-shaped 'eye' in the centre is knotted-in to ward-off evil spirits! The back of the bag is woven in plain-weave technique and the sides are over-bound in wool in a barber-pole design.
Salt-bags were made to contain lumps of rock-salt, used to give to the animals to help in the dehydration process but various nuts were also stored in these bags, such as pistachio and almonds. Rare.
Size: 30cm x 28cm (12" x 11").
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Height = 30 cm (12")
Width = 28 cm (11")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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