antique 'shiraki' flatweave khamseh confederacy eastern fars province southwest persia

Antique 'Shiraki' Flat-Weave, Khamseh Confederacy, Eastern Fars Province, South-West Persia.


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Of all the flatwoven floor coverings, the least known is the 'palas'. The 'palas' was made by various tribes in Persia - the most common being from Kerman Province in the south and Khorassan Province in the north-east of the country. This particular palas is known as 'shiraki', made by Arab tribes within the Khamseh Confederacy of eastern Fars Province, south Persia circa 1900. The home of these nomads is between Abadeh and Darab and as far south to western Kerman and Minab. Many were woven in two halves and expertly joined together as well as in one complete piece, like this one. The pattern and design in all of them is provided by tiny repeating motifs, and in this case, the repeating pattern comprises tiny birds, woven in weft-float brocading on an ivory cotton background. Shiraki like this one, are rare.
Size: 2.13m x 1.68m (7' 0" x 5' 6").
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Internal Ref: BM1746


Height = 213 cm (84")
Width = 168 cm (66")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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