antique gabbeh luri nomads luristan western persia

Antique Gabbeh, Luri Nomads, Luristan, Western Persia.


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Rare and absolutely stunning! Nineteenth century gabbehs today are scarce due to the fact that they were made for tent use and most had a hard life with many completely worn out! Therefore the few that come on the market these days, in this condition, are few and far between!
Most gabbehs were made with the weaver creating her own design - symbolic or otherwise - but I've never come across one like this before. The compartmentalised pattern containing 'quincunx' or 'fives' - symbols of protection - are dominant in this gabbeh.
Made by Luri nomads in Luristan between 1850 and 1870, the gabbeh is in very good overall condition with an evenly-low pile and wonderful shades of vegetable colours i.e. reds, golden yellow, ivory, dark blue and particularly attractive, different shades of light, pea-green.
The ends are complete as are the selvedges and some minor re-piling has been carried out in several areas.
Size: 2.34m x 1.55m (7' 8" x 5' 1").
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Internal Ref: BM1660


Height = 234 cm (92")
Width = 155 cm (61")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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