antique pair of turkmen 'dizlyks' yomut tribe transcaspian steppes turkmenistan central asia

Antique Pair of Turkmen 'Dizlyks', Yomut Tribe, Trans-Caspian Steppes, Turkmenistan, Central Asia.


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'Dizlyks', were made specifically to wrap round the knobbly knees of the wedding camel during the wedding procession. They were a smaller version of the 'asmalyk', large pentagonal wedding trappings that symbolised power and fertility. The dizlyks undoubtedly had the same symbolic meaning - lots of children, boys to protect the family unit and girls to make lots of rugs and carpets!
These dizlyks are both in exellent condition with original tassels and made by Yomut Turkmen in the trans-Caspian Steppes circa 1900.
The price below is for the pair.
Size of each dizlyk: 38cm x 36cm (1' 3" x 1' 2") including tassels.
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM/Diz


Height = 38 cm (15")
Width = 36 cm (14")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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