antique 'tacheh' wheatsack luribakhtiari tribes western persia

Antique 'Tacheh' (wheat-sack), Luri-Bakhtiari Tribes, Western Persia.


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Wheat-sacks or 'tacheh' as they are known in Persian, were used, as the name implies, for containing wheat - an important ingredient in the making of bread amongst the Persian nomadic tribes.
Antique tachehs like this one, which dates to circa 1900, are now rare as most have been used and abused and then literally thrown away. The nomads had no idea how collectable their everyday utilitarian weavings would become, otherwise I'm sure they would have preserved many of them.
With this tacheh, and all tachehs, the central bottle-shape is in knotted-pile over the plain-weave background, with a woven design filtering from the very top into the top of the knotted-pile section. I believe this symbolically represents the wheat being poured into the container and is thus, the bounty of God. One side of the plain-weave is generally more decorated than the other side. I believe this symbolically shows the bare earth on the right side and the growth of wheat on the left side.
This tacheh has been opened up for wall display purposes. These look amazing on the wall - woven works of tribal art!
Was 1450 - now 1250.
Size: 1.06m x 0.97m (3' 6" x 3' 2").
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM2015


Height = 97 cm (38")
Width = 106 cm (42")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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