antique 'tacheh' wheatsack luribakhtiari tribes the chahar mahal western persia

Antique 'Tacheh', Wheat-Sack, Luri-Bakhtiari Tribes, The Chahar Mahal, Western Persia.


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Wheat-sacks or 'tachehs' in Persian, were used, as the name implies, for containing wheat. Most antique tachehs today have been opened up in order to display and show the complete sack as it would have been made. This is one of my favourites, just recently found in Iran as many antique tachehs are now few in number due to their hard use and then simply been discarded.
These tachehs are what remains of pre-commercial utilitarian bags, made for the nomads own use and never intended for sale. Today, they are virtually gone although a few turn up from year to year.
What I love about this tacheh is the plain, natural-dye aubergine, knotted-pile bottle-shape in the centre of a simple plain-weave background. Tachehs like this one make spectacular wall-hangings and show a lost tribal art at its best on the wall.
Size: 97cm x 97cm (3' 2" x 3' 2").
Viewing by appointment only.
Internal Ref: BM1943


Height = 97 cm (38")
Width = 97 cm (38")
Depth = 0 cm (0")

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