Antique Vanity-Bag, Afshar-Qorab'i Tribe of Bardsir, Kerman ...

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A stunning vanity-bag - 'chanteh' in Persian - comprising two large stylised botehs in ivory and red and possibly symbolising male and female fertility. Surrounding the botehs are stylised trees, sybolising eternal life in Paradise. The bag, which is complete with plain-weave back in narrow bands of different colours was possibly made by the Qorab'i sub-tribe circa 1900-1920 in the Bardsir area of Kerman Province, southern Persia.
Size: 50cm x 30cm (1' 8" x 1' 0").

Antique Telkari Belt, Black Sea Coast, Turkey. ...

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This fabulous belt was probably made in the Mardin area of the Black Sea coast during the early part of the 20th century.
Size: 92cm (3') long x 14cm (5.5") wide.