Antique Perepidal Rug, Perepidal, Eastern Caucasus.

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What an amazing rug!
Very finely knotted with a red ground containg the typical Perepidal stylised winged birds and dragons which, I suspect, represents the symbolic 'dragon & phoenix' - the fight between good and evil!
Note also, the beautiful shade of green in the main border?
Rugs like this are rare in today's world market-place and this rug, made circa 1870-1880 is in very good condition with just a minor shade of wear.
Size: 1.70m x 1.30m (5' 7" x 4' 3").

Antique Chelaberd Rug, South-Western Caucasus.

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The red ground is dominated in this case by two large sun-flowers bursting open and symbolically giving life.
This is a truly rare and fabulous rug, made in the Chelaberd region around 1900. Look closely and you can see stylised peacocks and quadrupeds.
In very good condition, albeit with an evenly-low cut pile, this has been reflected in the price.
Size: 2.34m x 1.62m (7' 8" x 5' 4").

Antique Lesghi Rug, Lesghistan, Eastern Caucasus.

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This beautiful little rug has three 'Lesghi stars' on a turquoise central field and is framed by five beautiful borders. Rugs made by Lesghians are more commonly found with red or blue central fields but to find turquoise, is rare. The rug, made at the end of the 19th century, is finely knotted and in very good condition albeit with a few very minor repairs on the selvedges.
Size: 1.42m x 1.04m (4' 8" x 3' 5").

Antique Armenian Long Rug, Armenia.

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Dated 1919 and inscribed in Armenian 'May', the weaver of this rare and unusual rug has used a mixture of natural red wool skeins which creates wonderful movement throughout the field. In a way, it looks like a sunrise or sunset, where the lower dark red area of the field depicts the earth and the lighter shades of red at the top shows the light of the sun either rising or sinking in the month of May!
Two quadrupeds are depicted in the lower half and below them, two birds, symbolically the cariers of the soul from the earthly world to the realms of the spirits, observing a tiny star just above them!
The powerful main border contains large 'botehs' - purported to be either pine-cones or flame symbols.
The rug has an evenly-low woollen pile but certainly strong enough to use on the floor with underlay in a quiet space.
Was 2750 now 2350.
Size: 2.53m x 1.37m (8' 4" x 4' 6").

Antique Karachov Rug, Karachov, Kazak Mountains, South-West ...

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Ranking as one of the very best of the highly collectible Karachov rugs, this magnificent rug displays a beautiful pea-green field with standard Karachov large, central, octagonal gul and two smaller guls at each end containing '8-pointed stars'. The stunning madder-red main border contains the continuous vine pattern, symbolising the eternal cycle of life.
Made in the Karachov region of the Kazak Mountains in the south-western Caucasus around 1860 -1870, the rug is in excellent overall condition albeit with good, evenly-low pile.
Size: 1.93m x 1.44m (6' 4" x 4' 9").

Antique Karachov Rug, Kazak Mountains, South-West Caucasus. ...

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This magnificent, mint condition rug was made in Karachov in the Kazak Mountains, south-west Caucasus during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The classic Karachov design in this fabulous rug has been knotted in soft, lustrous natural-dye wool. It is certainly one of the best Karachovs I've laid my eyes on.
Size: 2.80m x 1.78m (9' 2" x 5' 10").

Antique Soumak, Kuba Region, South-Eastern Caucasus.

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Carpets woven in the soumak technique don't come much better than this one!
Acquired from a private English house where it had been hanging on a wall for over 60 years, the overall condition is excellent. Woven in the Kuba region of the south-eastern Caucasus during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, this is an unusually large size as most soumaks made in this area were a good bit smaller. You have to look closely at the overall symbolic representation and particularly interesting is the upper-most blue lozenge with its depiction of two men standing above what might presumably be horses! Note also, horses depicted in the outer field as well as other stylised creatures and birds scattered throughout.
This is an amazing and highly collectible carpet which would provide a fantastic floor covering.
Size: 3.60m x 2.26m (11' 10" x 7' 5").

Antique Soumak Carpet, Daghestan/Kuba Region, Eastern Caucasus. ...

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A magnificent large-size Soumak carpet from circa 1880 and woven in the region of Daghestan or Kuba, in the eastern Caucasus. The beautiful, saturated natural madder-red ground contains three large indigo-blue lozenges with the depiction of human figures on their own and some riding horses. The carpet is in amazing condition bar two small nicks in one of the borders, easily repairable.
This is a wonderful and highly collectible Soumak carpet which would look amazing on a wood floor.
Size: 4.10m x 2.35m (13' 6" x 7' 9").

Antique Perepidal Rug, Perepidal Region, Eastern Caucasus. ...

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This is a most unusual Perepidal rug with its two floral symbols in the central, glowing, indigo-blue field. Around the large flowers are very stylised birds which can be seen in the close-up photos. Other than this rare field design, the borders are typically from the region of Perepidal and the natural colours, including the fabulous sky-blue, are just magnificent.
This rug probably dates to the last quarter of the 19th century and is in excellent condition.
Size: 1.95m x 1.40m (6' 5" x 4' 7").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Gendje, South-Western Caucasus.

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Sold in the early 1990s and illustrated in all three editions of my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent', I have acquired it back. However, I have seen it again and again over the years, hanging in a house where it was well-loved.
Made in the area of Gendje in the south-western Caucasus around 1870, this charming little prayer-rug with its very subtlety woven prayer-niche, contains a field of diagonal bands with small symbols often found in the Caucasus and amongst the Shahsevan nomads. The main ivory border is powerfully drawn and frames the field. In very good overall condition, this is a highly collectible and rare example of this area.
Size: 1.32m x 0.91m (4' 4" x 3' 0").

Antique Caucasian Prayer-Rug, Daghestan, Eastern Caucasus.

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This beautiful prayer-rug was made in the Daghestan region of the eastern Caucasus in 1318 in the Islamic calendar which is 1900 in our Solar calendar. It comprises an ivory-ground mihrab within a beautiful madder-red field and depicting various symbols throughout. On either side of the mihrab are two small ivory squares with the date knotted in. The powerful golden-yellow main border contains a stylised continuous vine border symbolising the eternal cycle of life. The outer green border depicts the 'birds-heads' - guardians of the gates of Paradise.
A fabulous rug in near-mint condition.
Size: 1.64m x 1.25m (5' 5" x 4' 2").

Antique 'Sewan' Kazak, South-Western Caucasus

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This magnificent 'Sewan' Kazak has an archaic yet simplicity of design. Its powerful central cruciform is beautifully drawn and the fabulous main border with its zoomorphic 'birds' gives symbolic protection to the central field. A truly fabulous rug, earlier in age to many in private collections.
2.57m x 1.65m (8' 5" x 5' 5").