Antique Mushwani Tribal Rug, Sistan Province, South-East ...

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Mushwani tribal rugs in this small size are rare. This rug is an exceptional example of the type with full, lustrous, glossy wool and and a phenomenal use of natural green. The rug is in excellent overall condition with only a few tiny areas of restoration and made circa 1860-1870. The nearest example to this one is illustrated in my 3rd edition 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' on page 77, another exceptional example but in a more standard size. The Mushwani tribe inhabit the mountains south of the Amu Darya river in the provinces of Herat, Badghis and Sistan and are ofter mistaken for 'Baluch'. Having mountain sheep accounts for the spectacular long staple, glossy wool - a rug which needs to be seen and handled to fully appreciate the quality.
This rug has been given a full-page advertisement in the recent issue (216) of HALI magazine.
Size: 1.70m x 1.21m (5' 7" x 4' 0").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Taimani- Baluch Nomads, Western Afghanistan. ...

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What a beautiful, archaic little prayer-rug, made on a natural undyed camel-hair field with a simple 'cross' border pattern and two large 'eyes' in the centre linking to a small 'eye' at the top.
I love the movement created by the weaver when she was creating each 'eye' - just like rippling water!
The rug was probably made around 1880-1890 and is in excellent condition with original flat-woven skirts each end.
Size: 96cm x 81cm (3' 2" x 2' 8").

Antique Prayer Rug, Taimani Tribes, Western Afghanistan ...

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In full pile and complete with brocaded skirts each end, this charming little prayer rug was made by Taimani tribes in western Afghanistan around 1900. The vegetable madder-red and indigo-blue colours are beautifully vibrant and the wool quality is soft and silky. The checker-board selvedges are original and complete also.
Size: 1.32m x 0.77m (4' 4" x 2' 6").

Antique Prayer-Rug, Taimani Tribes of the Chahar ...

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This gorgeous little prayer-rug has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The wool is soft and silky and the natural colours are simply subtle and glowing. Particularly attractive is the use of two shades of green. Made by Taimani tribes, part of the Chahar Aimaq (meaning four nomads), they occupy a large part of west-central Afghanistan, particularly around Charchagan in the provinces of Ghor and Farah. They are semi-nomadic, migrating from their winter dwellings at the end of March to the high summer pastures where they will spend the summer until their return in September. The wool in their antique rugs and weavings came from the Ghilzai sheep, renowned for being soft and lustrous, as is found in this delightful little rug.
Size: 1.30m x 0.94m (4' 3" x 3' 1").

Antique Taimani Tribal Rug, Taimani Nomads, Western ...

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I love the vibrant, playful natural colours in this little 19th century rug made by Taimani nomads in western Afghanistan. The wool is lustrous and the brocaded skirts remain intact at each end.
The Taimani belong to a group of tribes referred to as the Chahar Aimaq, where 'chahar' means 'four' and 'aimaq' is a Mongolian word for 'nomad'. They inhabit a large area of west-central Afghanistan, particularly around Charchagan in the provinces of Ghor and Farah and are, by far, the largest of the Chahar Aimaq confederation. Rugs of the Taimani have been, and continue to be, incorrectly labelled 'Baluch'.
A charming and delightful little rug.
Size: 1.10m x 0.65m (3' 7" x 2' 2").