Painting of Qashqa'i Tribal Life by Bijan ...

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A now rare painting of tribal life amongst the Qashqa'i nomads of Fars Province, south-west Iran, by the well-known Qashqa'i painter, Bijan Bahadori Kashkuli and painted between 1928 to the 1980s.
Bijan Bahadori Kashkuli, who died in 2015, was a member of the Kashkuli taifeh of the Qashqa'i Confederacy, and who visualised the traditional culture of his people through his watercolours. They are now of historical significance. Born at the right time, he captured the splendour of his people's traditional culture just before it was extinguished, ensuring that the Qashqa'i now possess their own record of their past.

Old Beaded Baby Carrier, Dayak Tribe, Borneo, ...

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An early 20th century baby carrier made by the Dayak tribe of Borneo with full glass beaded panel and decorated with amulets - bone discs and teeth, brass bells and metal rings. It also has its original lining and wooden base as can be seen in the photos attached.
Size: 30cm x 48cm semi circumference.

Old Baby Carrier, Kalamantan, Indonesia.

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A rare baby carrier from Kalamantan in raffia technique incorporating a beaded figure in the centre with bone amulets and cowrie shells.
Size: 49cm high x 27cm dia. (1' 7" high x 11" dia).

Antique Tibetan Flint Pouch, Tibet.

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A charming little flint pouch with flint still inside, and made in Tibet during the 19th century.
Size: 9cm x 5cm (3" x 2").