Antique Half Saddle-Bag, Timuri Tribes, Borderlands of ...

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This superb example of nineteenth century Timuri work has the softest, lustrous quality wool one is likely to find from this tribe. Their nineteenth century wool, taken from the fat-tailed mountain sheep, sheared once a year, ranks amongst the best wool in the East. The bag contains a rare main border design of 's' symbols and in the deep indigo-blue field, can be seen five golden yellow 'guls' containing '8-pointed stars', symbolising spirituality and protection.
Once part of a double saddle-bag, this half is in excellent condition and retains its original plain-weave back, although slightly damaged on the lappits. Rare!
Size: 76cm x 71cm (2' 6" x 2' 4").
| $3,205 USD | €2,680 EUR

Antique Large Khorjin, Qashqa'i - Darrehshuri Tribe, ...

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I love this khorjin (saddle-bags) with its twill-weave which reminds me of my Scottish tartans!
Made by Darrehshuri- Qashqa'i nomads around 1900, the bags are complete and in near-perfect condition. Throughout the twill-weave, note the small knotted-pile tufts, inserted by the weaver to symbolise good-luck. The sides of both bags are braided using goat-hair for resilience.
This is an amazingly beautiful khorjin I have to say.
Size: 1.09m x 0.79m (3' 7" x 2' 7").
| $2,578 USD | €2,156 EUR

Antique Mini Khorjin (saddle-bags), Kordi Tribes, Quchan ...

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Absolutely charming with a wonderful array of vegetable colours. This small khorjin was made in slit-tapestry technique by Kordi nomads in the Quchan region of north-east Persia around 1900.
It is in excellent complete condition with its plain-weave, natural undyed brown wool back.
Size: 69cm x 30cm (2' 3" x 1' 0").
| $2,439 USD | €2,039 EUR

Antique Namakdan (salt-bag), Afshar Nomads, Kerman Province, ...

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I love this little namakdan (salt-bag), woven in soumak technique during the last quarter of the nineteenth century by Afshar nomads, somewhere in the large province of Kerman.
Other than part of the neck missing on the back side of the bag (see photo), this charming little salt-bag is in excellent condition. The lappits at the top of the neck remain intact with a row of dark brown and ivory braiding along the top. The field is compartmentalised with 8-pointed star symbols within each square and the different colour selvedges are original. Note also, the interesting design on the lower back of the bag which I suspect are very stylised peacocks.
The missing neck area on the back of the bag can be re-woven if required.
Size: 49cm x 44cm (1' 7" x 1' 5").
| $2,090 USD | €1,748 EUR

Antique Horse-Cover, Feraghan Region, North-West Persia.

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This beautifully finely knotted horse-cover, made in the Feraghan region of north-west Persia circa 1870-1880, was probably made for an important person or as a ceremonial decoration.
The drawing of the floral pattern is superbly done and it would make a most attractive wall-hanging.
Size: 1.63m x 1.20m (5' 4" x 4' 0").
| $2,021 USD | €1,690 EUR

Antique Saddle Bag-Face, Khamseh Confederacy Tribes, Fars ...

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The indigo-blue field of this charming bag-face, once one half of a complete double saddle-bag, contains a myriad of chickens, all pecking at seeds on the ground. Made by the nomads of the Khamseh Confederacy around 1870, all the colours are from vegetable dyes and although the pile is evenly low, it makes a most attractive and decorative wall-hanging.
Size: 59cm (2') square.
| $2,021 USD | €1,690 EUR

Antique Kurdish Bag-Face, Jaf Tribes, Kurdistan.

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Once part of double saddle-bags, this magnificent bag-face has the most fabulous array of saturated, vegetable colours, only found in the very best of type. Made by Jaf-Kurds in Kurdistan during the second half of the nineteenth century, the field consists of a myriad of 'double-headed sunbird' lozenges, all disappearing under the borders and out into infinity. The ivory main border has a beautifully-drawn 'flower' motif and the overall condition is very good.
Size: 82cm x 59cm (2' 8" x 2' 0").
| $1,881 USD | €1,573 EUR

Antique Storage Bag-Face, Afshar Nomads, Kerman Province, ...

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I was attracted to this highly unusual Afshar tribal bag-face because of the depiction of 'guls' throughout the central field. It brings to mind where the Afshar nomads originated - eastern Turkistan - before the mass migrations of these people into Persia from the 11th - 15th centuries and with the main bulk of this tribe, settling in Kerman province. The 'guls' therefore, have a strong Central Asian influence here - something linked to their Turkmen background in Turkmenistan. The bag-face is in relatively good condition with a few minor repairs, but it is a stunning and rare example from this tribe, made around 1880.
Size: 81cm x 56cm (2' 8" x 1' 10").
| $1,881 USD | €1,573 EUR

Antique Bag-Face, Possibly Luri Nomads, Luristan, Western ...

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This very interesting storage bag-face was sold to me as 'Qashqa'i' although I wasn't convinced!
I've given it a lot of thought and what puzzled me mostly, was the soumak weave with all the loose threads on the back! Not particularly Qashqa'i work. However, after much thought, I have put it down to Luri, but I'm prepared to be proved wrong! I find this piece visually attractive with its myriad of '8-pointed' stars throughout and it would certainly be a most attractive wall hanging. Age-wise, I'd say it was made circa 1900.
Size: 77cm x 70cm (2' 6" x 2' 3").
| $1,742 USD | €1,457 EUR

Antique Namakdan (salt-bag), Luri Nomads, Luristan, Western ...

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Visually attractive with beautiful natural colours in wide horizontal bands on both sides of this namakdan (salt-bag), woven by Luri nomads in Luristan, western Persia during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The weaver has also inserted 'eyes' on both sides - symbolically protecting the bag contents. The bag is in excellent condition - complete with braided warp-threads for hanging purposes and the sides are bound in dark-brown goat-hair.
A truly nomadic, utilitarian bag which was made for the sole purpose of containing rock-salt and nuts.
Size: 63cm x 38cm (2'1" x 1' 3").
| $1,742 USD | €1,457 EUR

Antique Mini Saddle-bags 'khorjin', Qashqa'i Nomads, Fars ...

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This pair of mini-saddle-bags - 'khorjin' in Persian - are charming in every way. The weave is intricate warp-float technique and each panel or pouch contains an 'eye' for warding off evil in knotted pile. The bags, which are in mint condition, were made by Qashqa'i Darrehshuri nomads circa 1900 and are illustrated in my book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' page 184.
Size: 56cm x 35cm (1' 10" x 1' 2").
| $1,324 USD | €1,107 EUR

Antique Pair of Mini Bags, Bakhtiari Nomads, ...

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A truly charming pair of mini saddle-bags made by Bakhtiari nomads around 1900-1910 in the region of the Chahar Mahal in western Persia. Unlike the lage saddle-bags ('khorjin' in Persian), these tiny bags were probably made for containing coins, even jewellery. Little bags like these are rare today and this pair have just come out of a private UK collection.
Size: 38cm x 20cm (1' 3" x 8").
| $1,324 USD | €1,107 EUR