Antique Heriz Carpet, Heriz/Karaja Region, North-West Persia. ...

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An absolutely stunning decorative carpet, made during the last quarter of the nineteenth century in the Heriz/Karaja region of north-west Persia. The carpet features a large madder-red central lozenge on an ivory background and red spandrels in each corner. The carpet is generally in good overall condition with some areas of wear.
Size: 4.38m x 3.48m (14' 4" x 11' 5") approx.

Bakhtiari Corridor Carpet, Bakhtiari Tribes, The Chahar ...

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This carpet is just amazing!
Made specially for a wide corridor by Bakhtiari tribes in the Chahar Mahal region of western Persia, the carpet comprises an ivory ground with a myriad of small scarabs throughout. The main border is in stunning, natural, petrol-blue, also depicting a scarab symbol and surrounded on both sides by beautiful golden-yellow minor borders.
Made circa 1880, this amazing carpet retains its original brocaded ends and is in excellent pile overall with no restoration whatsoever.
Size: 4.06m x 1.82m (13' 4" x 6' 0").

Antique Khorassan carpet, Khorassan Proivince, North-East Persia. ...

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Truly fabulous! In very good overall condition with no repairs whatsoever, this magnificent carpet with its floral design incorporating stylised birds, was made during the third quarter of the nineteenth century in Khorassan Province, north-east Persia.
Particularly attractive, is the handsome main border design depicting the 'mother & child' botehs symbolising fertility. Look at the close-up photos to see the fine quality of the work.
Size: 2.74m x 1.52m (9' 0" x 5' 0").

Antique Khamseh Confederacy Carpet, Baharlu Tribe, Fars ...

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Made circa 1870 by the Baharlu taifeh of the Khamseh Confederacy in Fars, south-west Persia, this extremely fine and rare carpet is in very good overall condition albeit with evenly-low pile. The three central flower-heads are surrounded by the 'herati' pattern throughout, symbolising two fish swimming around water-lilies.
The natural colours are vibrant as is the main border design depicting a continouos vine symbolising the eternal cycle of life. The carpet needs to be seen to fully appreciate the fineness of design and quality of the colours.
Size: 3.20m x 1.93m (10' 6" x 6' 4").

Antique Afshar Tribal Rug, Afshar Nomads of ...

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What an amazing sky-blue ground!
This stunning Afshar pre-dates the later 19th century examples with its beautiful sky-blue field containing large 'palmettes' beautifully drawn in varying colours of red and coral.
The colour palette indicates to me that it was made by Afshar nomads in the Shahr Babak region of Kerman province circa 1860-1870. This fabulous and highly collectable Afshar is in very good overall condition with a few minor areas of expert restoration, so extremely good that it cannot be seen!
Size: 1.70m x 1.28m (5' 7" x 4' 2").

Antique Karaja Rug, Karaja, North-West Persia.

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With lustrous, full thick pile and the depiction of four horses, this amazing rug has a deep indigo-blue ground with inscription and dated 1303 in the Islamic calendar, 1885 in the Solar calendar.
All vegetable colours throughout, take a look at one of the close-up photos to see the inner, minor, madder-red border containing colourful stylised chickens all the way round. Charming indeed! The main blue border depicts double-headed sunbirds - guardians of the gates of Paradise. This is an example of a very rare type from the Karaja region of north-western Persia.
Size: 1.60m x 1.24m (5' 3" x 4' 1").

Antique Kilim, Pirot, Southern Serbia.

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A magnificent large, nearly square, decorative kilim made and dated 1913 in the Pirot area of southern Serbia.
The colours are beautiful, as are the nicely spaced large diamond lozenges, surrounded by a powerful midnight-blue main border. The date, 1913, can be seen woven into the top right-hand corner of the main border.
Size: 4.00m x 3.90m (13' 2" x 12' 9").

Antique Timuri Carpet, Timuri Tribes, Borderland of ...

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This handsome carpet was made by Timuri tribes in the borderlands of east Persia and west Afghanistan during the last quarter of the 19th century.
It is in excellent pile all over and makes a very decorative antique floor carpet.
Size: 2.64m x 1.63m (8' 8" x 5' 4").

Antique Lesghi Rug, Lesghistan, Eastern Caucasus.

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This beautiful little rug has three 'Lesghi stars' on a turquoise central field and is framed by five beautiful borders. Rugs made by Lesghians are more commonly found with red or blue central fields but to find turquoise, is rare. The rug, made at the end of the 19th century, is finely knotted and in very good condition albeit with a few very minor repairs on the selvedges.
Size: 1.42m x 1.04m (4' 8" x 3' 5").

Antique Qashqa'i Tribal Rug, Fars Province, South-West ...

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This is a truly tribal Qashqa'i rug, made on the move as the tribe migrates from winter to summer pastures, sometime in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. There is a wonderful movement of colour and design, full of stylised creatures of all kinds in stunning, saturated vegetable colour. Spectacular hanging on a wall or in a quiet location in the house, the pile is evenly-low overall and both minor end borders have been re-woven expertly, as desrves such a magnificent early rug.
Size: 1.90m x 1.17m (6' 3" x 3' 10").

Antique Feraghan Rug, Feraghan Region, North-West Persia. ...

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This beautiful, elegant rug was made in the Feraghan region of north-west Persia circa 1900.
It is very finely knotted with an overall design of small shrubs and a continuous 'cartouche' border - typically Feraghan. All natural dyes, the rug is in excellent pile overall.
Size: 1.96m x 1.30m (6' 5" x 4' 3").

Antique Khamseh Confederacy Rug, Baharlu Sub-Tribe, Fars, ...

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This beautifully elegant rug contains four vertical rows of six 'botehs' with smaller 'botehs' inside each - symbols of fertility and always referred to as 'mother & child' botehs. In excellent complete condition, this rug was made by the Baharlu taifeh (sub-tribe) of the Confederation of five tribes, known as the Khamseh Confederacy, based in south-west Persia and made during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The ivory field is full of double-headed sunbirds and small stylised chickens, all pecking at seeds on the ground and it is important to click on the close-up photos to see the amazing detail in this finely-knotted rug.
This is a superb example of the type.
Size: 1.90m x 1.30m (6' 3" x 4' 3").