Antique Corridor Carpet, Bakhtiari Tribes, The Chahar ...

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This carpet is just amazing!
Made especially for a wide corridor by Bakhtiari tribes in the Chahar Mahal region of western Persia, the carpet comprises an ivory ground with a myriad of small scarabs throughout. The main border is in stunning, natural, petrol-blue, also depicting a scarab symbol and surrounded on both sides by beautiful golden-yellow minor borders.
Made circa 1880, this amazing carpet retains its original brocaded ends and is in excellent pile overall with no restoration whatsoever.
Size: 4.06m x 1.82m (13' 4" x 6' 0").

Antique Khamseh Confederacy Carpet, Baharlu Tribe, South-West ...

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Made circa 1870 by the Baharlu taifeh of the Khamseh Confederacy in Fars, south-west Persia, this extremely fine and rare carpet is in very good overall condition albeit with evenly-low pile. The three central flower-heads are surrounded by the 'herati' pattern throughout, symbolising two fish swimming around water-lilies.
The natural colours are vibrant as is the main border design depicting a continouos vine symbolising the eternal cycle of life. The carpet needs to be seen to fully appreciate the fineness of design and quality of the colours.
Size: 3.20m x 1.93m (10' 6" x 6' 4").

Antique Bakhtiari Rug, The Chahar Mahal, Western ...

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A most decorative and charming small Bakhtiari rug with a beautiful soft woollen pile and depicting an assortment of flowers throughout the stunning indigo-blue ground.
Made during the early 20th century with vegetable dyes, this beautiful little rug is in excellent condition.
Size: 1.52m x 0.84m (5' 0" x 2' 9").

Antique Tent Panel, Kordi Tribes, Quchan Region, ...

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A most attractive woven tent panel with a beautiful array of natural colours, made by Kordi nomads in the Quchan region of north-east Persia circa 1900.
Size: 76cm x 29cm (2' 6" x 11").

Antique Tent Panel, Kordi Tribes, Quchan Region, ...

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Another extremely attractive woven tent panel in stunning natural colours, made by Kordi nomads in the Quchan region of north-east Persia circa 1900.
Size: 86cm x 36cm (2' 10" x 1' 2").

Painting of Qashqa'i Tribal Life by Bijan ...

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A now rare painting of tribal life amongst the Qashqa'i nomads of Fars Province, south-west Iran, by the well-known Qashqa'i painter, Bijan Bahadori Kashkuli and painted between 1928 to the 1980s.
Bijan Bahadori Kashkuli, who died in 2015, was a member of the Kashkuli taifeh of the Qashqa'i Confederacy, and who visualised the traditional culture of his people through his watercolours. They are now of historical significance. Born at the right time, he captured the splendour of his people's traditional culture just before it was extinguished, ensuring that the Qashqa'i now possess their own record of their past.

Antique Baluch Tribal Rug, Khorassan Province, North-East ...

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This charming little Baluch rug has to be seen and handled to appreciate the beautiful natural colours and soft, glossy wool. Observe the close-up photos for a better idea of true colour. Made in the Khorassan region of north-east Persia by Baluch tribes circa 1880 to 1900, the rug has an overall unusual field design of small shrubs and also an uncommon main madder-red border. In very good condition.
I have decided to take a few more photos in daylight in order to try and show the beautiful colours.
Size: 1.52m x 0.92m (5' x 3').

Antique Turkmen Main Carpet, Yomut Tribes, Trans-Caspian ...

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This handsome Turkmen main yurt carpet was made by the Yomut tribe in the trans-Caspian Steppes circa 1870-1880. It comprises a beautiful madder-red field with a plethora of Yomut 'dyrnak' guls and protected by a striking ivory main border. The Yomut Turkmen used two types of guls in their main carpets, one being the 'dyrnak' gul, the other being the 'kepse' gul.
Both 'elems' (end panels) are different - stylised trees one end and flowers the other end - which adds to the charm of this magnificent carpet. Added to all this, the selvedges are over-bound in silk which suggests this carpet was made for an important tribal member, such as a khan.
Size: 3.05m x 2.00m (10' 0" x 6' 6").

Antique Qashqa'i Khan Carpet, Kashkuli Sub-Tribe, Fars ...

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This magnificent carpet, with its sky-blue ground covered in stylised fish, referred to as the 'herati' design, was made for a Khan, and in this case, within the Kashkuli taifeh (sub-tribe). The stylised fish, usually two, swimming around water-lilies, symbolically depicts happiness. The design is therefore a water-garden.
The carpet, made by the Kashkuli circa 1860, is extremely finely knotted with rare silk wefts and in excellent overall condition.
Size: 2.40m x 1.60m (7' 10" x 5' 3").